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Will we ever see a new lacrosse video game?

Will we ever see a new lacrosse video game?

We all play video games for baseball, soccer, football, golf, skateboarding etc… The list goes on and on. Companies like EA Games and 2k Sports invest a majority of their time creating the biggest and best sports games every single year. Now that lacrosse is on the rise, will we see an NCAA or MLL ’10 franchise? Or much less, a new lacrosse game at all?

The launch of a lacrosse video game franchise used to be a hot topic in Lax Nation but the last time I heard anything about it was around 2005 or earlier. Making the game should be pretty simple. The controls would be similar to other sports games with movement analog, a button for sprint, a button for switching players, a button for passing, a button for dodges/jukes and a button for shooting as well as an axis for the location/power of the shot. If I had to guess, the game most likely made would be an NCAA lacrosse franchise since the MLL is struggling so much right now.

Blast Lacrosse: NLLIn my opinion, I think that EA Games should take a good hard look at creating an NCAA Lacrosse ’10 game. You could see it release on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and maybe even Wii if they figured out how to make the controls work. Who knows? Maybe there is a lacrosse game in our future. Until then we are all stuck with our crappy and most likely scratched PS1 game, Blast Lacrosse: NLL. Something is better than nothing I guess!

Note: This will be TKbaby’s last post on LAS for the near future.  The editors would like to thank him for his contributions to the site.

March 2016 Update: The latest lacrosse video game release is Casey Powell Lacrosse 16, which received negative reviews due to poor AI, difficult controls and unrealistic movements. The conclusion is that, at least at this point, there is no relevant lacrosse video game comparable to NBA 2k or FIFA series.