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Wilson’s Wheelhouse: Recap And Commentary

Taking a victory lap around the world of lax to review the weekend that was. Connor hits the high points, the low points, and everything in-between. Plus some drool worthy dye jobs.

What a weekend!  The weather was pretty good, at least on the East Coast, and the game action did not disappoint in the slightest.

In the NYC area, we got to see UNC-Hopkins on TV, where UNC demonstrated that they are clearly a contender and Hopkins showed that they are at least a year away from contention.

The Hopkins “most boring” offense simply doesn’t work the same way when you don’t have multiple All-American threats at the midfield.  Young Hop middies John Ranagan and John Greeley simply aren’t ready to step in dominate… yet.

Syracuse continued winning games and they took down the Danes of Albany with ease in their all white uniforms.  No surprises there, except maybe that #28 for Cuse, attackman Stephen Keough, was using a metallic orange stick.  Super cool points.

At least it looks that way and when you consider Syracuse attackman, Cody Jamieson was using a silver stick earlier this year, it seems to be within the realm of possibilities.  And as you can see on UNC defenseman, Ryan Flanagan, shiny silver sticks are all the rage right now.

Virginia took down Maryland and few were shocked.  Virginia’s defense is legit, their goalie looks good, their fogo is winning and their attack can finish.  What makes them better than anyone else?  Their midfield.  They have a ton of guys who can dodge, feed and shoot at will and I don’t know if anyone has the D middies to stop the Wahoos.  You’ll need your goalie to play lights out if you want a shot.

Games from other divisions were no less exciting as Salisbury beat Stevenson by more than “just a couple”. Denison rebounded with a big win over OWU, ASU took down Oregon after the Ducks bested previously undefeated Chapman and to bring it full circle, D1 Dartmouth came out of nowhere to shock Cornell.

Back to the shiny metallic stuff, right?  Duke played Harvard and while Duke didn’t break out their matte black, murdered out Warrior helmets for the game, Harvard did bust out some unreal metallic maroon helmets.  They looked really good but it didn’t stop Duke from smacking the Crimson down 15-6.

Usually I’m looking through the photos for thumbing violations (because I’m a loser), sweet new gear and finally, as Kyle Devitte would say, illustrative shots used to prove my point.  I also find sweet action photos from time to time like this:

Ouch.  My stick hurts.

In other stick related news, I did some dye jobs for two UNC players a while back and got a request for a couple of new ones.  I also dyed up a wand for a friend at Wesleyan and I’ll post photos of those in the coming days.

In the meantime, I’m going to show off an UNREAL dye job that a kid out in CU Boulder, named Tyler Snyder, did for Brendan Mundorf of the Denver Outlaws, Orlando Titans and Team USA.  I’ve been dyeing heads for a while and this kid is leaps and bounds, head and shoulders above me in terms of skill.  Can. Not. Compete!  SO MANY SQUARES!

So sick... want to touch the heiney.

I can only hope that someday my abilities will rival Tyler’s.  Props!

I’ll be back later this week with a gear review and then a preview of the best action for the upcoming weekend.  With the regular season over halfway over, the real deals have separated themselves from the pack and the heavy favorites are emerging.  The playoffs are right around the corner and things will only get better from here!

About the Author:
Connor is a pretty average lacrosse player at this point who doesn’t know when to give up on the game.  He played and coached in the NESCAC and still plays for the Southampton LC in NYC.  Connor lives with his fiance in Brooklyn and thanks her for allowing him to keep the dream alive.

Contact him at

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