THE TWIG contest
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Win a TWIG by Watching USA & Canada Play Box Lacrosse

Editor’s Note: Thanks to our pal, Skaggs, we’ve got a SICK custom Lacrosse All Stars wooden lacrosse fiddle stick known better as “The Twig” up for grabs! is always killin’ it. It’s time for you to add one to the collection!

After a few year hiatus, one of the biggest events in box lacrosse is firing back up this weekend. The Heritage Cup, featuring the senior men’s Team USA versus Team Canada, is a friendly match-up focused on development and shaking the rust off the national box programs, once a year.

We’re so pumped up about this, we talked Skaggs into giving away one of his bad@$$ wooden lacrosse sticks, known better as The Twig!

These puppies are unreal! It’s like a fiddle stick for adults (or anyone)! They can hold a real ball, take a beating, travel legally according to the TSA, and are great for wall ball and shooting. Is there anything more useful? Answer: no.

Want one? Great! Here’s how to get your paws wrapped around a brand new TWIG from Wooden Lacrosse Sticks!

Contest Rules & Info

  1. Follow @LaxAllStars & @WoodLaxSticks on Instagram!
  2. Watch the Heritage Cup, with family and friends!
  3. Post a photo to IG of how you (and your watch party) watched the game!
  4. Tag @LaxAllStars & @WoodLaxSticks in the photo (not comments)!
  5. Wait until Wednesday, where we will pick a winner!

The only time the USA has ever bested Canada in box lacrosse was at the 2002 Heritage Cup, winning 21-16. When it comes to the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships, Canada owns up to a perfect all-time record, capturing 4 gold medals.

THE TWIG contest WoodLacrosseSticks.comWith field stars like Rabil and Pannell joining NLL’ers Schreiber, McArdle, O’Dougherty, and more, could this be the chance for Team USA to steal some box lacrosse glory?

Here’s some of our thoughts on the match-up and how YOU can watch with your family and friends!

More TWIG Info!


“The TWIG is something that came from my imagination. I had a looming trip to India, and I wanted to bring a stick with me. The 32 inch design was made to fit both hands comfortably without sacrificing the full stick feel. The other main point of focus was the head width. I always feel that if a stick cannot hold a full sized ball, then it is not worth having. This is why we made a 4 inch wide opening, and modeled the frame after a box stick.

This is not a toy, so please do not leave it on your wall to collect dust next to you tee-ball trophies. These are strung with real bison hide gut wall, leathers, and bootlace. I wanted this to feel as authentic as possible.

The TWIG is not bent using the same methods as a full sized stick. I employ methods used in construction of wooden boats to bend the smaller pieces, which allows me to be more resourceful and less wasteful when consuming raw wood.”