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LAS Silver lacrosse cascade CPRO7 lax helmet
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WINNER: Top 10 Lacrosse Legends

LAS strives to give away as much sweet gear as possible to our loyal readers, so first off, we want to thank everyone for getting involved in all our recent contests. They’ll keep coming all throughout the Fall! In fact, we might even have another one later today! Another caption contest perhaps?

For now, let’s focus on one of the most significant contests has ever orchestrated – our search for the best list of Top 10 Lacrosse Legends.


A few weeks ago, Connor Wilson presented his list of Top 10 Lacrosse Player Legends and it generated some serious attention in the lacrosse world. Some people respected his list, while others thought it was pure blasphemy. Hey, to each their own! All the feedback got us thinking about how we could shed more light on this controversial conversation, and next we asked LAS readers to share Your Top 10. Boy did you deliver!!!

This contest was a pleasure to be a part of, and we’re glad so many well-informed individuals stepped up to the plate and took a stab at challenging Connor’s original list. All the lists submitted were fantastic, but three stood out to us – not only for their player selections, but also for the reasons supplied. Each one was well thought out and made for a great read.

LAS Silver lacrosse cascade CPRO7 lax helmet
This sweet lid was on the line. Who's taking it home?


We published all 3 lists on our site last week (Finalist #1, Finalist #2, Finalist #3), and we challenged YOU & THE ENTIRE LACROSSE COMMUNITY to choose which list featured the most accurate line-up of greatest lacrosse players of all-time.

Voting was simple – Click the Facebook “Like” button on the Top 10 List post you think is the best. The finalist with the most votes would win a brand new LAS Cascade Pro7 Helmet and so much respect that their list would go down in history as’s official list of Top 10 Lacrosse Legends.


In the end, it was reader Paul Jones who came out victorious! His list featured the top 3 players from three different eras – Wooden Stick, Plastic Non-Offset, and Plastic Offset – and a #1 greatest lacrosse player of all time. It’s an aggressive list that clearly deserves a lot of respect in the lacrosse community. After all, it’s the people’s choice!

A huge congratulations goes out to Paul, one’s most loyal readers. We’re proud to announce you as the winner!


Here is my submission for the Top 10 contest, as arranged by wood, plastic (non-offset) and plastic (w/offset). My list may be a little different because it includes many players based in New England (for obvious reasons), but also those who helped grow the game. Here it goes!


1. Jim Brown

A true legend no matter who you ask. If they know he played lacrosse, they have heard at least one story about him. Rules were changed due to things he did on the field. Legendary athlete status, hands down

2. Richard ‘Dick’ Garber

Four sport athlete at Springfield College, who dropped baseball to play lacrosse. Called the ‘Father of New England Lacrosse’. US Lacrosse Hall of Fame member. 45 year coach of University of Massachusetts lacrosse. Created mystique of ‘Garber’s Gorillas’ which still exists today. Lacrosse field at UMass named after him. Son Ted still coaches and grandson Brett was All American in high school and college (UMass) and plays for the Rochester Rattlers

3. Lee Pinney

Played for Cornell during the early 60s. Farm owner in Somers, CT who stopped planting a portion of his crop fields to make lacrosse fields. Responsible for growth of youth and adult lacrosse leagues in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. At 60+ years old, still puts on the equipment and plays organized lacrosse in the PVLL men’s league in Connecticut, this past season with the Boondock Saints. US Lacrosse Connecticut Chapter Hall of Fame


1. Gary Gait

Revolutionized the sport with one move (Air Gait) and rules were changed due to his play on the field. Along with brother Paul, helped introduce Canadian Box style of play, and showed even Roy Simmons Jr that you could play with dominant hand only and still be very effective. Has won at EVERY level and style of play. Involved with evolution of equipment as well. Now coaching and teaching the game

2. John Fay

UNH (New Hampshire) player and then US National Team in early 80s. Known for playing with almost no pocket on his stick, so he could finish faster. All-World selection after 1982 world games. Got into sales and marketing of uniforms through his company Atlantic Sportswear, who helped push the envelope with lacrosse specific uniforms. Still plays, and can run with almost anyone still

3. Dave Pietramala

Revolutionized the game with his style of defense. One of the best defenseman ever, known as the originator of the take-away defenseman. Standout as a player at John’s Hopkins and now head coach at JHU. Reinstilled winning tradition at JHU, and has won 2 Division 1 National Titles as a coach. The first person to win D1 titles as both player and a coach.


1. Matt Striebel

2x All American from Princeton, also won 2 National Titles and runner-up once. Also played varsity soccer all 4 years. 3x US National team member, has been on 2 gold medal winning teams. Has won at every level he has played. Now involved coaching and teaching with Trilogy Lacrosse. Infectious personality who has a pure love of the game. Plays midfield, even though still one of the oldest players in MLL.

2. Paul Rabil

Whether you love him or hate him, he is the new FACE of lacrosse. Made the swim move popular as a go-to dodge. The guys just flat out wins wherever he plays…JHU, US National team and hopefully with the Boston Cannons in 2011. Endorsement deals with all sorts of companies, both in and out of the lacrosse industry…a marketing machine and a lacrosse playing machine.

3. Mikey Powell

4x All American, 4x D1 Attackman of the Year, 2x National Title, 2x winner of the Tewaarton Trophy (only multiple winner so far), ’06 All World player for US National team, Syracuse All-time points. Does anything more need to be said? He broke the mold…undersized by lightning fast. You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him!


Matt Poskay

As a high school player held the national record for goals scored with 362 (and held the record for almost 10 years), 2x National Champion with Virginia, 2010 MLL Player of the Year AND MLL Offensive Player of the Year. Part of Trilogy coaching staff. Named new head coach at Wagner College. In addition to everything he has done on the field, he has battled and WON his fight against testicular cancer. Herculean at a minimum. Lance Armstrong is legendary for winning the Tour de France after fighting TC…and Poskay should be held in the same regard, having beaten TC before the 2010 season.

Matt Poskay was a unique #1 choice! Props!