Wolf of the MCLA: Bayne Bosquet
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Wolf of the MCLA: Bayne Bosquet, Simon Fraser University

Editor’s note: We’re back with another installment of our new series called Wolf of the MCLA! Thanks to the support of Wolf Athletics, we’re selecting, interviewing, and honoring impressive student-athletes who are competing in the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association throughout the 2014-15 college lacrosse season. Each new member of the “Wolf Pack” will receive a Ghost shaft as an award for his accomplishments. We hope you enjoy!

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The newest Wolf of the MCLA to join The Pack is one of my favorite defensemen to watch in the MCLA, Mr. Bayne Bosquet of the Simon Fraser Clan.

Bayne is the first defenseman to be recognized as a Wolf of the MCLA and for pretty easy reasoning.

This 1st-Team All-PNCLL long pole is a wrecking ball on the turf and he stands out like a valiant warrior with his viking-esque locks flowing from the back of his bucket.

Wolf of the MCLA: Bayne Bosquet
Photo Credit: Robert White

His name is an accurate description of this kid’s game. A bane is “a cause of great distress or annoyance” and that’s exactly how to describe his play on the field.

Bayne is a terror to attackman on the field and is known for laying the lumber and not being afraid to lower his shoulder. To his teammates he is a guy to look up to on and off the field and to his opponents he is the guy with the wicked flow that is likely breaking down your offense.

With the progress Bayne has made, I’d be shocked if he didn’t earn 1st Team All-American honors in 2015. Let’s get to know the man behind the hair.

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Bayne Bosquet – Wolf of the MCLA

Wolf of the MCLA: Bayne Bosquet

Full Name: Bayne Bosquet
Number: #28
Position: Defense
Key Stats: 1st Team PNCLL, MCLA Honorable Mention, 118 Career Ground balls
College: Simon Fraser University (MCLA Division I)
High School: Kalamalka (BC)

LAS: When you aren’t playing lacrosse, what are your hobbies off of the field?

Bosquet:When I`m not playing field and box lacrosse I enjoy camping, fishing, biking and the odd game of hockey.

Do you play any other sports?

In high school I played rugby and hockey.

Favorite shoes in your collection?

I have a pair of tan lace up hiking boots that I would have to say are my favorite pair of shoes at the moment. If I have to pick my favorite shoes I have ever owned, that would have to be a pair Converse high-tops.

What’s your idea of a perfect meal?

My perfect meal would have to be a big prime rib with mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding

How long have you been growing out that glorious mane?

Wolf of the MCLA: Bayne Bosquet

I have been growing the mane out since a week before my high school graduation in 2011

What is your pre-game ritual (if any)?

I usually listen to instrumental music until 15 minutes before warm up then I crank it up with some pump up tunes to get me ready.

What is one thing you wish the world would understand about you?

I would like the lacrosse community to know the player I am on the field is different than the easy-going person who I am off the field.

What happens or occurs on the field stays there and there is a separation, at least for me, from a lacrosse game and once the final buzzer goes.

Do you consider yourself a lone wolf, leader of the pack, or committed teammate?

I would first and foremost consider myself a committed teammate, but I have been blessed with being entrusted to leading a group of men in a game that I love.

How many years have you been playing lacrosse and where did you find your start?

I have been playing box lacrosse since I was 7 but got introduced into the field game at the age of 13. My neighbor played lacrosse and he was older so I instantly wanted to play. I signed up and I fell in love with it.

What made you choose to go to play for Coach Hoskins at SFU?

The opportunity to go to a very well regarded academic school in combination with the opportunity to play college lacrosse intrigued me.

The proximity to my hometown really helped my decision. I had previously played for Coach Hoskins on a traveling team and felt like he knew my potential and that he would give me an opportunity play big minutes.

Before you make one of your signature bone-crunching hits, what is going through your mind?

I would have to say it is probably “Get the ball on the turf!”

Last year you earned 1st Team All-PNCLL and Honorable Mention All-America Honors for the MCLA as a junior, what are your goals for 2015?

To be honest my goals for 2015 are to play every shift as hard as I possibly can and to not make the same mistake twice.

Everyone is striving to be a 1st Team All-American I will do my best to ensure I am in a spot to be considered.

How do you plan to help lead the Clan in 2015 as a staple of the team’s defense?

I plan to lead by example and be a field general this year while I’m in the game and trying to keep the bench positive while I’m subbed.

The SFU Men’s lacrosse team has been my family for the past 3 years. As season approaches, I remind myself I have less than 25 games left in my MCLA career and to take every opportunity I get and seize it with 100% effort.

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Congratulations to Bayne, and a special thanks to Coach Hoskins and the Simon Fraser University Clan for nominating him as our fourth Wolf of the MCLA!

Visit the Clan team website to learn more about the program!