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Outside the Eight: Women’s Lacrosse Podcast, Ep. 2

Women’s Lacrosse Podcast: Outside the Eight

Outside the Eight Women's Lacrosse Podcast

Welcome back to Lacrosse All Stars’ newest women’s lacrosse podcast — Outside the Eight. This podcast focuses on women’s lacrosse while sharing stories and experiences of current and former players and coaches. This podcast will grow the game, help others know the game and share stories that go beyond the field. Check out our first episode if you haven’t already!

This week on our show we have Maddy Morrissey who was a midfielder at Duke and graduated in 2014. We also reveal the meaning of the name of the podcast!

On this week’s Outside the Eight episode:

On this episode of Outside the Eight we cover A LOT of information with the fearless Maddy Morrissey (Duke, 2014).


Maddy grew up in Skaneateles, NY. While growing up as a bit of a tomboy, she was an avid Irish step dancer prior to picking up a lacrosse stick. She was a leader for her successful high school program before making her way to North Carolina to be a consistent contributor for the Blue Devils. She notched 100 career points (76 goals, 24 assists), and is just one of a handful of players to do so in the program’s 23 year history. Duke went to the NCAA tournament all four years of her career, including making it to the semifinals in 2011 (we talk about this in the episode!)

She’s now living on the west coast and coaching full time for many programs across Los Angeles including Fire Lacrosse, South Bay Lacrosse Club and Harlem Lacrosse. She’s a fierce competitor, a passionate coach and wants to instill the heart of the game with everyone she meets.

We also cover:

  1. Maddy’s recruiting story.
  2. Duke lacrosse and the program head coach Kerstin Kimel has built.
  3. What it means to be ‘in the zone’ as an athlete.
  4. Differences she sees between west coast and east coast lacrosse.
  5. Harlem lacrosse and her journey with the girls she’s impacted.
  6. What she wants to instill in the girls she coaches, including the importance of embracing each other’s ‘weird’ and being confident on and off the field.
  7. A few of the new rules of lacrosse in the WPLL and new mesh sticks!
  8. FINALLY, the story behind the name of this podcast!

Now take a minute (or 64…) and go listen!  RATE, REVIEW, and SUBSCRIBE (you can do this on Soundcloud or the podcast app on your phone). We’ll be adding episodes weekly!

Let me know what you think! Feel free to drop us a line with some feedback. Also, be sure to check out Episode 1: The Gaels. Thanks for listening to our women’s lacrosse podcast!

Outside The Eight Women's Lacrosse Podcast