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Princeton Loyola Lacrosse fall ball fashion november lacrosse
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Who Won The Fall Ball Fashion Battle?

Fall Ball is a fun time where results mean almost nothing and meaningful lacrosse is still a whisper. Some teams embrace this off-season season and have fun with it, others take a more blue collar approach. However a team is dressing, people will talk about it. Who won the fall ball fashion battle this year? There were many contenders, but only one winner… so who took home the best looking awards cake?


Princeton, a school known for its rich preppy tradition as well as its rich rich people tradition had embraced the bluest of collars (not not a blue Brooks Brothers collar either) and gone with the most basic, workman-like fall ball fashion set up I’ve ever seen. I mean it’s just so… basic!

But it looks great. What a surprise…

Craig Chase took in last week’s Play for Parkinsons fall tourney and he caught the Loyola vs Princeton scrimmage, which is where the below photos come from. We could tell you who “won” but that would be meaningless. Instead, we’ll focus on who looked good! Ok, everyone looked good, but for my money, Princeton won the fall ball fashion battle hands down.

Their scrimmage jerseys? Flat out amazing and simple.

No stickers on their all-white helmets? Love it.

Grey and white gloves? Why not?

Lacrosse Fall Ball Fashion Photos

I have seen plenty of fall ball photos this year, but these Princeton Tiger uniforms still strike me as top notch. Got someone else who you think did it better? Yeah, I want to hear about that!

Air Force was also at the PfP event, and rocked some basic uniforms. Is this a trend for high level D1 teams? I hope so! Maybe some lesser college programs will follow suit!

Denver is alos looking solid and I’m a big fan of the fact that they wear fancy helmets with black and white fall ball uniforms. When you havee 6,593 helmets, you wear a fancy one in the fall. That’s just science.

And the women playing at Play for Parkinsons looked good too! Not a lot of flashy gear, just a lot of sick stick skills and flashy play. I’ll take that any day over an obsession with swag! How good does Maryland look in the all black? Yeah, really good is the answer!

Thanks to Craig Chase for the EXCELLENT photos and well done to all the college programs out there keeping it classy!