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Wood Choice For Wooden Lacrosse Sticks

Welcome to Forum Friday! Everyday there are great conversations taking place in the LAS Community.

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This post is an oldie but goodie in the LAS Community Forum that has gained a lot of new discussion over the last few weeks. It’s all about wooden lacrosse sticks, and what type of wood is the strongest.

taschemb posted the following:

Hello for sometime I have been looking at getting a good wood shaft for the fall box lacrosse league, but I ran into some problems right away. Both HIKSTIK and Blackfeet Lacrosse make lacrosse shafts with different woods from common ash from Blackfeet, to exotic woods like apê wood from Hikstiks and their more common hickory shafts. My question boils down to what is the strongest wood a person can buy. Factoring weight in doesn’t matter to me, I play long pole the rest of the year.

Which wood would you want if you would use a wood stick? Try to say that five times fast! But all kidding aside, share your opinion on the best wood for a wooden stick in the LAS Community on the original post!