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Woodson & Matthews Highlight SportsCenter’s Top Plays

Can you believe the general refrain has gone from “Did you hear lacrosse was on SportsCenter this weekend?” to “Which clips made SportsCenter this time?” in just a few months? What a season. Two clips from Saturday’s action made the list this week: one from the NCAA tourney, and one from the MLL.

First we say goodbye to another one of college lacrosse’s human highlight reels, as Mark Matthews ended his record-breaking run at Denver with this catch and shot against Loyola:

You’ve got to love #27 Reid Acton’s “C’mon, seriously?” shrug after Matthews scores the goal . It’s okay Reid: nobody’s blaming you for that one, buddy. Besides, his highlight was only #6, yours was #1.

By the way, guess who predicted this goal would make SportsCenter? That’s right, Eamon McAnaney does it again. The guy is never wrong. And speaking of odd streaks, we’ve had three top plays this year from the NCAA tournament, and in all three cases, that player has ended up losing the game. Basically, if Eamon hashtags your shot, that’s a wrap on your season.

Checking in at number three, with his second Top Plays appearance in three weeks, is Chazz Woodson of the Ohio Machine. I don’t know what gravity ever did to Chazz, but those two are clearly beefing. Enjoy:

If you enjoyed that Woodson goal, here’s a bonus goal from the same game. Didn’t make Top Plays, but still deserves a look:

Both the NCAA and MLL have made Top Plays every weekend this month, and with more of their NLL and NCAA guys reporting, The MLL’s chances to stay there will only get better. What about the NCAA? With no more Desko, Palmer or Matthews in the tournament, can anybody step up for next week?