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Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom
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Pursuing Greatness

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. – Philip Chesterfield

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

I spent last night working with a young athlete that had a dream and a goal to play collegiate lacrosse. In recent weeks he’s found that his dream may very well be over, and his passion for the game is waning. As a result, last night’s session ended up being much less about skill development, than it was about laying out some direction for the rest of his lacrosse career.It seemed clear from the outside looking in that he wasn’t going to do as well for himself as he could, because he simply had no desire to get better.

When I stepped out of the classroom as a teacher, I stepped out in large part because my desire to improve had diminished. I was no longer passionate about pursuing it, and putting in the work that needed to be done to be the best teacher that I could be. I’d venture to say that most people that have had career changes of any sort would probably tell you something similar.

There’s nothing wrong with moving on from something that is no longer serving a purpose in life. But as long as we are going to continue with an activity, big or small, we should do so with passion, and with every intention of doing so to the best of our ability. Pursue greatness, in all that you do.

Make it a GREAT day!

Stay blessed.