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Clearing Mental Clutter

Good evening! Hopefully the start of the weekend is greeting you at the end of a productive and positive week. Most of us are probably thrilled that the weekend is here. I know I have things that I need to get accomplished this weekend, but 2 of the most important things that I make time for every weekend – sometimes not enough time – are relaxing and organizing my life.

I may spend 20 minutes organizing or a whole day. It varies. But regardless of the length of time it helps me to prepare myself to start the following week the right way. Relaxing is probably something that we all prioritize highly for our weekends, whenever possible. Sometimes when we get into “go mode” we forget that relaxing, clearing away mental clutter, and recharging our batteries is as important as the actual work that we have to get done.

Make sure to take some time, this weekend, to take care of yourself! You can’t be any good for anyone else if you’re not on top of your own mental, physical, and emotional state of being. The info below is actually from an article written by ADD Management Coach Jennifer Koretsky, 3 Methods for Clearing Mental Clutter.

Make it a GREAT weekend!
Stay blessed.

Often times, mental clutter is made up of worries and bad feelings. (Very few people get overwhelmed by the amount of positive thoughts in their heads!) Regrets of the past and worries about the future can easily overshadow the present moment. Self-doubt can also take up a lot of space in the mind. When an excess of these types of thoughts take over in the brain, it can be stressful, upsetting, and sometimes even paralyzing. The best way to clear this mental clutter is to process the thoughts, rather than letting them swim around in your brain. Doing so will allow you to focus on the present moment, and feel more calm and centered. The following 3 methods have proven very helpful in clearing mental clutter.

1. Write

A great way to clear mental clutter is to transfer the thoughts from your brain onto paper. This can be in the form of a to-do list, an email to a supportive person in your life, or a journal entry. When the thoughts are recorded, there is no need for your brain to hold on to them. Additionally, if you feel weighed down by a situation (like an argument with a family member) writing about it can help you process your feelings. You can get a better grip on the events, how you feel, and what you might have done differently. A page or two might be all it takes.

2. Talk

We often work through thoughts and feelings by talking them out. It helps to have an objective person to talk to, who can mirror your thoughts and talk them out with you. However, the very act of talking is often what does the trick, so having someone to talk to isn’t always necessary. Many people find that talking into a tape recorder suits their needs. Others talk to plants or animals. (I talk to my dog so much that I’m surprised she doesn’t talk back by now!)

3. Move

Something as simple as a 10-minute walk can give the brain a needed jolt. Others may find that they feel free of extraneous thoughts after a visit to the gym. The time alone combined with the physical activity proves to be a successful formula for some to work through their mental clutter. It’s best to experiment with the different methods and see which work best for you in the different areas of your life. The important thing to know is that with a little time-out, mental clutter can be cleared!