Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom
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Motivation to Change

Good morning!


Yesterday’s church service, was not one of my favorites. But the message was solid. It was about embracing change, and allowing change to open us up to the blessings in store for us. Ironically, as I pulled out of the parking lot, the first song that came on the radio was Kirk Franklin’s “Today.” The first verse starts as follows:

Today, I’m hungry and I’m ready for change. I’ve run too far to still be the same. See, who I was, I give him away today. Today, no longer bound by what people say. I know that I will make mistakes. I fall but I refuse to stay, today.

We all have certain things that we wish we could change. I would submit to you that there are two parts of “wishing we could” that make it tough on us. The first is the word “could,” which suggests a belief that we can’t. It’s time to let go of that belief and affirm that we can. The second, is the word wish. Stop wishing. Start doing. Transform your I wish I could, to I will. Then it becomes a matter of accountability, rather than possibility.

And on the spare chance, that the thing you would like to change cannot be changed, then wasting your breath, brain power, or emotional energy on it is the change that needs to be made! Why waste life away wishing for something to change that cannot be changed?!

If there’s something today that needs changing, let’s do it! The change, or the fruits of the change may not be immediately recognized, but they will never be recognized without taking a first step!

Make it a GREAT week!

Stay blessed.