Iroquois v Canada 6.17 World Lacrosse Championships gear
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World Lacrosse Championships Gear Explosion!

The World Lacrosse Championships always offer up some truly fantastic examples of lax gear. It’s not the point of the event, actually that’s far from it, but it is an undeniable end result. We could stick our heads in the sand like an ostrich, or we can embrace this world lacrosse championships gear on some level. It’s time for gear hugs!

First off, check out the world lacrosse championships gear I managed to trade for and pick up from teams around the world. From pins to headwear, footwear, shirts, shorts, hoodies, and more, the gear giving and trading flowed fast and furious for many. Here’s a look into my haul:

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Some kids in NYC are about to get geared out! Ok, now let’s get to some of the best items from Denver!

The helmets on display were pretty amazing. A number of teams impressed, and this gallery captures just a couple of the best ones we saw:

Thailand, New Zealand, Uganda, The Irqouois, Canada, the USA, Belgium, and Wales. All impressive, but that was only the beginning. Those Japan helmets, doe. Did you really think we would forget those?


But that was not all the excellence. There was also some kind of risky stuff done, but the vast majority of it worked really well. The French, for example… what can I say? I loved it.

Photo Credit: Nok Nokkie

To see more top notch 2014 FIL gear, check out this video from Training Week, before the World Lacrosse Championships officially kicked off.

Joe from Throne also hooked up with TLN to talk about sweet, sweet vendor gear:

Pay special attention to the :50 second and on mark in the above video. That’s just impressive. Physics, yay!

Overall, a great effort from all the teams on the field. But above and beyond that, well done to whomever was designing their gear! Look good, feel good, play good on your own. That’s the expression right?