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Yale Extra-Man Offense Unit: Film Breakdown

To over simplify this a bit, Yale has quite an exceptional extra-man offense. I count from top down for lacrosse formations, so here we see Yale in a 2-3-1. Here’s why the Yale extra-man offense worked:

Yale EMO #1:

1. Albany, understandably, is very concerned about #44 for Yale’s Matt Gaudet. So concerned that they decide to lock him off.
2. The bulldogs move the ball down to X where the player surveys the field.
3. The defenders up top for Albany are concerned with skip passes, and aren’t collapsed down enough.
4. #46 Brendan Rooney of Yale sees that Gaudet is locked off and joins him on crease.
5. With the Albany defender preoccupied with Gaudet, Rooney is standing virtually wide open. The player at X is very active with small stick and head fakes creating a small passing lane to find Rooney for an easy goal.

EMO #2:

1. Albany again decides to lock off Gaudet, except this time instead of standing on the crease he moves to X.
2. This creates more stress for the D because they are playing 4v5 but in a larger area. Each defender has more room to cover than the last clip.
3. Yale is essentially in a 1-3-1, with no crease defender they are going to work the ball around quickly until they can get an easy look to crease.
4. Exceptional ball movement along with great crease movement allows them to find a crease feed and dunk.
Note: The constant ball movement stresses the D, forces them to move, and creates increasingly more space for the crease player. 
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