Your Sunday Dose of Inspiration


The LAS Team is making a run for kickball stardom this afternoon. Yes, kickball. We’ll be competing against 6 other teams for a highly sought-after spot in the Brooklyn Kickball League. The 32 team league has 1 spot open, and we’re gunna snag it from all the hipsters out there. Yes, Mr. BS & yours truly will bring our A-game, no doubt. But how?

Well, we’ve taken some great notes over the years on the best ways to get pumped up for a game. We’ve tried all the typical stuff: screaming obscenities, slamming our helmets into lockers, head butting each other – you know, you gotta do what it takes to get that adrenaline pumping. I think Blue Sky even used to do a little pregame dance.

Those traditional head banging antics worked well for a while, but we needed something new. We needed to taste blood. Yesterday, we discovered John Henderson’s approach. 3 hours til the first pitch (kickoff?) and it’s time to start getting pumped up. THIS is how we’ll get ready for the big kickball game. THIS is how we’ll get some CRUNK in our system. Thanks Hendo.

Tiger gets pumped too.