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Z dodge with connor martin
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The Z Dodge and Rocker Step

Editor’s Note: We’ve been asking Connor Martin questions about his new lacrosse training tip videos and he’s been responding in his own special vernacular. There’s no shortage of lacrosse knowledge being shared here, and this week we want to know how ConBroChill has perfected that sweet, sweet z-dodge!
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The Z Dodge

This dodge is taught less and less, but it’s a beauty. Why is it taught less, and why should it be taught more? Does this dodge require a higher lacrosse IQ? How similar is it to the rocker step in terms of set up?

The Z dodge is definitely a hard dodge to pull off and set up in games.

Probably the best guy I’ve ever seen do it is Ryan Boyle. Guys is renowned for his lax IQ and with out having the craziest split dodge or quickest first step he still beats the best defenders in the game using this dodge.

I think people teach it less and less because it’s a hard dodge and few people actually have the patience to set this dodge up.

What I like most about this dodge is you can use it as stick protection. When you’re in a corner or getting double teamed by a long pole, this is the best way to protect your stick. Z dodging and moving your feet in and out keeps the defense on their toes and stops them from being able to throw well timed hard checks.

The Rocker Step

The Rocker step is a very similar dodge. I think this one is a little easier to use and a little easier to set up especially if you use the roll dodge a lot.

I roll dodge a lot so whenever I have the presence of mind (which I wish I did more) to use the rocker step, faking the roll, and keep going the same direction I am able to get a step on my guy and my hands free.

You see guys like Casey Powell and John Grant Jr do this a lot. They are older now and not as quick as they once were but they use dodges like the rocker step and the z dodge to get that little step they need to get their hands free and make that magic happen.

These are awesome dodges.

They don’t require you to be the most explosive insane athlete to get by your guy and they are also the foundation of having great stick protection in tight situations making you more slippery and harder to time up for big checks.

Learn it, live it, love it, and go out there and be somebody!