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zach grassi uncommitted all star
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Zach Grassi Uncommitted All Star

Like a lot of lacrosse players from New Jersey, Zach Grassi first picked up a stick at a young age. At 9 years old, he knew it was the game for him. By the 7th grade, Zach was playing up a year and consuming as much lacrosse as he possibly could. Over the past four years, he’s transitioned his game to the face-off X and has grown tremendously over that time. As a 2020 grad, he’s got a year more seasons left in high school ball, but he firmly believes he has what it takes to battle it out at the next level.

Grassi is quick, disciplined, and uses his low center of gravity to win possessions for his team. He’s put in the time to learn the art of facing off and continues to attend clinics and practice sessions to further hone his craft. A high school football player, Zach draws from other sports to bring a well-rounded skilset to his teams. His experiences not only competing with his Washington Township varsity squad, but also with the South Jersey Shamrocks, continue to develop this young athlete into an elite face-off athlete.

“Zach is an excellent young man of strong character. He is intelligent, hard working and dedicated to his craft. Zach is an excellent Fogo and middie alike. He is quick to the ball, gets it off the ground well and makes great decisions in transition.” – Bill Keane

Rocking a 4.0 GPA, Grassi is proving himself as a well-rounded individual, on the field and in the classroom. He made sure to continue pushing himself in school by enrolling in all honors classes this year. With heavy interest in technology and engineering, he prefers to stay hands-on when it comes to learning and looks to find the right school to help him grow.

Zach Grassi According To Coach:

“Zach has come into our program and established himself as a player with a strong work ethic and high character. He has the ability to control the game between the restraining lines and shows his lacrosse IQ in transition.”

– Josh Hanlon

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Zach Grassi Lacrosse Highlights | NJ 2020 | Mid, Faceoff
Hard working, always wanting to learn more, easy to coach/teach, determined, aggressive, strong lax IQ, committed