Copenhagen Lacrosse Camps Grow The Game in Scandinavia

The Dansk Lacrosse Men's National Team copenhagen lacrosse

In our international travels, one of our favorite programs as of recently has got to be Denmark’s Fighting Pastries. Besides having arguably the best moniker in international lacrosse, Dansk lacrosse also boasts some of the greatest individuals around. The Pastries first came back on the international scene when they returned to the European Championships after a lengthy absence. Grassroots growth warms my heart. The efforts that the dedicated crew of the Copenhagen lacrosse scene have put forth have been nothing short of inspirational.

Continuing on the path of growing the game and growing it right, Copenhagen is hosting an at-cost weekend camp April 8th and we’re elated to hear it. This camp is open to men and women of ALL ages, and ALL nationalities are welcome! (Disclaimer: No trolls)

Breaking Barriers

Copenhagen Lacrosse Camp 2017 DenmarkIn addition to this awesome weekend being welcoming to man, woman and child (no trolls), this camp is also coming in at an unheard of cost of just $30! While I have absolutely no clue as to what denomination of currency that cost is in, it’s still infinitely cheaper than any camp in the states. Hell, it might be cheaper to fly to Copenhagen than go to a couple of these ‘Elite’ camps…

Anyways, despite the minuscule fee, the Pastries have managed to acquire Giles Cuddy (Hilcroft/Dread Towers) to coach the women’s side of things, and Brian Potter (England Box Lacrosse Asst Coach/former Colorado Mammoth) to coach the men’s field. Both coaches will be pivotal in helping each and every individual improve their own skill set, which will in turn be essential in improving team play.

Danish women's lacrosseOur good Hobbit (not troll) buddy, James ‘Robbo’ Robertson, filled me on some of the details. He’s made it quite clear that this weekend will be purely focused on helping develop players as well as firing up the troops for an awesome summer of lacrosse! James says the club doesn’t really stand to make any money on the event. However, Dansk Lacrosse will always have merchandise to sell. Obviously merch is an essential a tool all developing programs rely on to offset everyday costs.

Copenhagen Lacrosse is Calling!

Copenhagen Lacrosse Camp 2017 DenmarkRobbo has also let me know that this camp has exceeded expectations. The women’s registration has the cap at 30, and they’ve already reached that maximum. The men aren’t far behind. There are only a few remaining spots open for to this great opportunity.

That means if anyone (sans trolls) has interest in joining the crew in Copenhagen this April, email RIGHT MEOW!

Even if you can’t make this camp, these guys love correspondence from the lacrosse world and would love your words of support!

Here Come the Danish!

This will be a great opportunity for Danish players to practice with much larger numbers than they’re used to. With 20 clubs represented from across Europe, this will also prove as an imperative networking tool. A major part of growing as an organization and a national program is the ability to cross borders and grow as an international community, not just a secluded national body. Dansk lacrosse not only understands this, they OWN this concept.

In Budapest this past summer, the Denmark boys were the first guys to walk up to someone and just say, “hey!” Stickers, t-shirts, and photos were swapped. Beers slid across tables to new friends on the other side. I love these guys, and mark my words, you will too. Keep an eye on these boys. Everyone wants the game to grow, these guys and gals are out there doing it.

But, no trolls.

Seriously. No trolls.