2010 Pledges Edition – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!


2010 Pledges Edition - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

Absence only makes the heart grow fonder” and if that’s the case then we must be in love Lax All Stars nation because it’s been a while since we Got Me Or Died Trying.

This is my first post of the new year and to ring it in the right way I decided to run down a few pledges I’ve made to myself that I think would not only benefit me in 2010 but every reader who has the pleasure of accidentally clicking on my posts.

1. Tearing myself away from “social” technology/media (I.E. not becoming an “iPerson”)

These days it’s hard to be in your 20’s and not have a Facebook, Twitter, G Chat (or MySpace if you’re “online age” is mid-20’s) or dozens of other social media applications at you’re fingertips. With the spread of the iPhone and similar gadgets people are connected 24/7 and every minutiae of a persons day-to-day life is documented. This is a blessing if I want to see pictures of various meals currently being enjoyed by female friends or hear about how awesome Nepal is from someone I haven’t spoken too in seven years, but because I actually have things going on in my life it’s not exactly relevant information.

When did over sharing become ok? Just because I accepted you’re friend request doesn’t mean I’m dying to see the fourth totally necessary photo album of you’re skiing trip in Aspen or the live status feed documenting afternoon traffic. Facebook is quickly becoming MySpace 2.0- not because of the influx of more people but because something that should be used as a way to keep in touch with friends and family is becoming a shrine to self-indulgence and ‘What kind of farm animal/mafia hitman/Jonas brother are you?” style silliness. I’m guilty of spending too much time surfing these sites and I feel like in some small way I’m encouraging this behavior by doing so. That’s a long way of saying we should all cut back on the online time in 2010 and put the iPhone down when hanging around other human beings. Also, it turns out my Jonas Brother is Nick.

2. See more movies

2009 was kind of a crappy year for movies, but 2010 is shaping up to be very interesting. I’ve got the trailers for a few interesting ones below. Basically this is an excuse for me to post the “Iron Man 2” trailer.


“Hot Tub Time Machine”

“Iron Man 2”

Editor Craven’s note: While I’m here I might as well add the trailer for Mel Gibson’s new movie “Edge of Darkness” if only because I enjoy hearing my name screamed by gun wielding maniacs, mob killers, and an enraged Mel Gibson.

I’m the guy with nothing to lose!

3. Try to keep my job/social commitments when the new “NBA Jam” game comes out

Just today the news leaked that later this year the world will blessed with a new NBA Jam game, to be playable on the Nintendo Wii. The 12-year old me is ecstatic right now. Many times in the 90’s I sacrificed my hard earned allowance money to purchase the arcade-style basketball game, complete with flaming basketballs and the option to unlock the Clinton’s as playable characters. This is the best kind of 90’s nostalgia and I think the Wii is the perfect platform for it to return on. The first time I play it and the announcer says “He’s heating up!” I might get a little misty eyed.

Editor’s note #2: Between NBA Jam and Perfect Dark, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mitch more glued to a television.  Ok, in truth maybe I was a little excited as well.  All the time we spent with Clyde the Glide hammering home dunks and Joanna Dark shooting double pistols certainly didn’t help the “girls refusing to come within 100 yards” situation for either of us.  Or it could have been my little mishap with Sun-In during 7th grade, who knows?

4. Read More

Pretty cliche, but I think it is still a worthy goal. I think people are so inundated with text as it is with the internet, phone messages etc. that people forget the joy of actually reading (and finishing) a good book. I read some great books this past year that rekindled (pun intended?) my love of reading- “Breaks of the Game”, “Salem’s Lot”, “Born to Run” and “Nixonland” just to name a few, and the satisfactory feeling you get of finishing a well-written, time consuming book is something I’m glad I’ve rediscovered. It sounds just as smug as “exercise more” or “smoke less” but anyone can find a good book on something they are passionate about.

I can be anythhhhiiiiiiiiiiing!”

5. Continue to help Lacrosse All Stars grow and expand, helping the site connect players and fans and contribute my articles on time and properly edited

Haha, just kidding.

Happy New Year!

About the Author: Mitch is the resident music wrangler, lifestyle guru, and all-around well connected LaxAllStars insider. The lacrosse playing ended but the friendships never did. Known as the prima-donna of the writers. Still not sure about this whole “internet” thing. Would love to be called “Sir” without the following: “You’re making a scene”.  Read all his lifestyle articles here.