2012 Ohio State Highlights: Are The Buckeyes On The Rise?


Ohio State is a sporting monster when it comes to college athletics, and I’ve always secretly hoped that the program would reach the next level and become a real contender in men’s lacrosse. It would be good for the growth of the game, and if a school like OSU starts to really care about lacrosse, other large institutions will start to come around as well.

2012 definitely gave me some hope that the above scenario was coming to fruition, and with Michgan pouring crazy effort into making their team a contender quickly, OSU lacrosse will only increase in importance and relevance, both on campus and in the general sporting consciousness. A great rivalry goes a long way!

Supposedly, this year’s OSU team is so talented and deep that a couple of kids from last year already feel like they are in some danger of losing their spots! If that turns out to be true, it’s a good thing for the Buckeyes, because it means there are more options than ever, and players will be pushed to new levels. I’m hoping it’s true.

I’m excited to see what OSU brings to the table in 2013, and love the highlight video. It’s getting me really excited for college lacrosse already!