24 Seven Lax Joins The LAS Network!

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And so do we!!!

Lax All Stars is proud to announce that 24SevenLax.com is the newest lacrosse blog to join the LaxAllStars.com Network!

24 Seven Lax is run by Tom and Woody, two middle aged men who just hit their prime when it comes to blogging about lacrosse in the Baltimore area and beyond!

We’re particularly pumped to have them on board because they are just lax guys, through and through. Like you and me. Both Tom and Woody know what they’re talking about, have a good sense of humor (often at their own expense), and bring a unique perspective to the lacrosse blogosphere.  Some might say Maryland gets more than their fair share of coverage, and they might have an argument, but this isn’t more coverage, it’s different coverage.  And quite frankly, it’s better.

If you want your first sniff, before exploring their archived posts, check out their announcement on joining forces. It’s classic.

We know big things are coming from 24 Seven Lax, and the Baltimore lacrosse world (and beyond!) is lucky to have these two guys writing about it.  We’re growing the game, but we’re not forgetting about the games roots either.  After all, there’s an awful lot of really good lacrosse in the greater Baltimore area!  So welcome 24 Seven Lax to the show!

Here’s a little background on the two new bloggers:


With 23 years of playing experience under his belt and a gut forming over it, Tom has shifted his focus away from playing the game. When he saw his 40 time “slip” from a 4.7 to a 7.4, he knew the writing was on the proverbial wall and decided to try his hand at coaching and blogging. The jury is out on both. He calls home Ellicott City, MD and has 2 boys.


Woody is a fountain of lacrosse knowledge and a true student of the game. He’s played every position on the field at one time or another and has excelled at none of them. He currently plays Attack for the Blarney Lacrosse Club where he backs up the goal. He resides with his wonderful wife and kids in Catonsville, MD.

We’re proud to have them on board LAS, and we’re looking forward to hours and hours of great lacrosse content on 24 Seven Lax!

24 Seven Lax lacrosse blog
24 Seven on LaxAllStars.com!

Check out the new 24 SEVEN LAX lacrosse blog today, and stay tuned for tons of great content from Baltimore and beyond!