412 Shouts Fire In A Crowded Theater


Peter Tumbas of 412 Lax went to spread the good word of lacrosse and talk about lax culture and how society perceives lacrosse players in the wake of the Virginia tragedy. His host was Vincent Clark from the “Shouting fire in a crowded theater” podcast.

Listen in and let him know what you think of his performance:

Duke Redux
What do you know about the sport of lacrosse? Is there a “lacrosse culture”? Join us as we talk to Peter Tumbas of 412.Laxallstars.com. He knows lacrosse and can give us insight into the game and the people who play it. Also joining us is Dr. Arthur Remillard, Professor of Religious Studies at St Francis University and managing editor of the Journal of Southern Religion. He has looked into the history of lacrosse and the Native American roots it sprang from. We will also talk about lacrosse and the connection to the Duke lacrosse case. Plus, with University of Virginia lacrosse player charged with first degree murder,are there any parallel we can draw from the cases? Join us as as we discuss lacrosse and its place in the news.

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