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A Closer Look at LacrosseRecruits.comEarlier this week, we shared our experience from “The Lacrosse Combine” and informed you about, a great web service that’s all about getting high school kids to the next level. Today, we’re going to dive a little deeper into It’s a story myself and Striding Man can relate to, and one in which we think people should become aware of because the truth is, with a little determination and grit you can do anything – on or off the field.

The birth of 

The birth of LacrosseRecruits.comThe two guys behind, Chris Meade and Matt Wheeler, attended and played lacrosse for Wesleyan University in Connecticut. They shared leadership roles during their time in Middletown and wanted to continue to have a presence in the lacrosse community. After graduating in 2005, Chris found himself in Salt Lake City, UT hitting the slopes and coaching alongside Mason Goodhand at Westminster College.  In addition to coaching he started helping a few high school players and their families with the recruiting process for free. While talking to coaches he was astonished to learn that there was no widely-accepted method for finding elite prospects around the nation. Although most teams have an online presence to “sell” their players to interested colleges, there was no unified forum for coaches and prospects to interact.

These experiences were the birthplace of LacrosseRecruits. Chris got the idea for an online recruiting platform that would be a meeting place for coaches and potential recruits to engage each other. today today

So far Chris and Matt have put over 20,000 miles on their company car (a Toyota Prius with the LR logo emblazoned on the side). Traveling up and down the East Coast as far as Virginia, Meade and Wheeler pitch their product to traveling teams and organizations for high school lacrosse players. Life on the road is exciting and allows them to meet with influential members of the lacrosse community. Matt says that he “didn’t sleep on the same bed two nights in a row for 4 straight months”. The results of their work have been very promising. Not one person has turned down their sales pitch once they have agreed to sit and hear what Lacrosse Recruits has to offer.

Facing challenges head on

Getting face time with the regional lacrosse recruiters is the biggest hurdle These organizers are the gatekeeper to bringing elite lacrosse talent into the LR system. Matt and Chris are always on the lookout for opportunities to introduce their product to new players and they are gaining converts every day. While at the Lacrosse Combine, Chris impressed one parent so much with the pitch that he was later handed the man’s cell phone. On the other line? An influential coach that Meade had been chasing down for months. It’s personal testaments like these that are building their small business into an influential force in lacrosse recruiting.

The editors at would like to thank Chris and Matt for their time and willingness to share.

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Ryan Craven is a Co-Founder of Lax All Stars and has taken his passion for lacrosse from coast to coast and back again. Contact him at [email protected]


  • The challenge that I have is convincing the kids that the fundamentals are important. I see ALOT of 15 yard sidearm shots peppered with a bunch of crappy slap checks. So it goes in MN

    • Joe – good to hear from you. Totally know what you mean. But, you can’t knock the truth, so just try to point it out when it works fundamentally and when it works sidearm/out-of-control and explain why each worked. Over time, seeing that the more fundamental play works more than the other, hopefully, the player will start to recognize that the only reason you’re there is to make them better and not just keeping them from looking cool.

      Message me if you want to chat!

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