A New Year’s Lacrosse Drop!

Thanks to Lee Corey for sending in the main photo!

The new year is upon us so on this Federal Holiday we will unleash a fantastic lacrosse drop on you to celebrate the arrival of 2012!  First of all, for those who are worried that this is the last year of the world (Get rich or die Mayan!), it isn’t and we have proof:

Marty mcfly no end of world 2012 back to the future

See?  It’s science, plain and simple.  Now that we’ve assuaged your fears, it’s on to the Lacrosse Drop!


Is the NALL Really Pushing Their Season Back By EIGHT Months?  Seems So. Totally Unclear.

Now there’s some controversy!  It seems like what I originally wrote, which is below (now in italics), may not be the whole story!  According to InLaxWeTrust, the NALL is NOT cancelling their season at all and will play!  ILIndoor says one thing, ILWT another.  WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!??!  Thanks to Lax Strings NW for the heads up in the comments section!  And now ILIndoor says something else entirely.  A couple teams will play anyway. Wilkes-Barre is supposedly in.  Hersehy is out. Or not, because my sources say maybe not.  Boston is sort of in but maybe not really.  This is madness!  I kind of like it.  Sorry for the earlier misinformation.  We’ll keep this chaotic story updated as best we can with more as it comes, which I’m sure it will!

The NALL is not canceling their first season.  At least that’s the spin most people are putting on the situation.  Originally, the league was set to kick off in mid-January, but it now seems like (via a tweet from the NALL which is now gone) the league is pushing it’s start back to September, which is a whole 8 months later.  To me, this is the cancellation of a season, but whatever.  We’ll let the NALL call it whatever it wants to.  Even if they deleted the tweet and have made no mention of the “postponement” on their website.  Sheesh, one would think this was bigger news…

The bottom line is that this is disappointing to see.  We were told for months that we’d see another league this year, and I personally know a lot of guys who went through a lot to make it happen as players.  Whether it was spending money on tryouts and combines or choosing to not play in certain leagues or tournaments, the NALL definitely pulled on the lax world… and it’s just disappointing to see them not live up to their end of the bargain.  I truly hope that this will lead to a better organized league, but “postponing” the start of the season for 8 months only 3 weeks from the original start date is NOT a good sign whatsoever.  The NALL has more time now, but it’s clear they also have a LOT of work to do.

Updating their fans a little more honestly via twitter, facebook and their own website would be a good start.  Get ahead of the story NALL, don’t let it get a head of you.  Too late for that here, but hopefully a lesson learned.

Ok, so I may have been wrong here. Hopefully the NALL will be updating us with more info on this!  It’s big news either way!


New Year’s Day Alumni Game!

Shout out to Mike Brand and the Magnet Lacrosse Team, which held its alumni game in 70 degree weather on January 1st!  Bringing the old guys home, always good to keep a program growing!

Magnet High School alumni game lacrosse
Way to lax it up in the New Year, fellas!


Lacrosse in CHILE?  Yeah, you don’t want to miss that if you’re Chilean.


Rainbow Dyed Mesh – So Special

Some might say I’m obsessed with dyed mesh right now, and they’d be mostly right.  I’m so obsessed I decided to dye some rainbow mesh for a very special dyed head customer.  His dye is coming along slowly, but nicely.  This mesh will kick it up to 11!  I could tell you how I did it but then I’d have to kill you.

Rainbow dyed mesh
Yeah, that IS Special looking.


Traditional on a Reebok 10K

If you had a bunch of Reebok 10k heads laying about what would you do with them?  Joshua Davis, who works at Players Bench Lacrossewas in that pickle and strung them up with a ton of traditional.  Not a bad call!

Reebok 10k lacrosse heads traditional
Nice work, Josh!


Toronto Rock Fan Takes The Polar Bear Plunge – Reps The Rock!

This was just another Polar Bear Plunge video until the 1:00 mark where they focus on a lady in a Toronto Rock 2011 Championship T-shirt.  Gotta love crazy lacrosse fans!  You’ll also see people in hockey helmets, Pikachu heads and other outlandish attire.  Crazy Canadians!


Lax In The Grand Canyon

Not a bad little view starting at the 3:30 mark!


Hofstra – Princeton 1989 Game Film

Who wants to watch the first quarter of the Hofstra Princeton game from May 13th, 1989?  Oh, you do?  The game action starts at the 10:20 mark but the interviews and commercials before that are pretty priceless.  A young Bill Tierney, John Danowski and Jack Emmer all in one tape.  Not too shabby.  Mike Lacrosse’s goal (yeah, that’s his real name) around the 13:15 mark is a great individual effort.  I love seeing old game film!

pu v hof mens lacrosse 5.13.89 qtr1 from greg sofield on Vimeo.

Thanks to Lee Corey for sending in the main photo!