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Editor’s note: Curb Your Enthusiasm is an HBO show and as such the clips  use NSFW language. Earmuffs for the kiddies. Consider this your warning.

As the resident king of all media, I have to say that if you’re not watching the current season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, either you A) don’t have HBO or B)… actually there is no “b” because you don’t have any excuses left. It’s arguably the funniest show on television right now.

If you are not familiar with the premise of Curb, the show centers around Larry David, writer and co-creator of a little show called Seinfeld. Larry plays an exaggerated version of himself; rich and bored in Los Angeles, mainly interacting with his wife Cheryl and agent/friend Jeff.

The character of George on Seinfeld was based on David (Larry actually did the voices of many recurring characters, Yankee owner Steinbrenner being the most famous), and he comes off very George-ish but even more of an insensitive jackass.  The show airing on HBO helps it a lot, as none of the humor has to be toned down and the more ridiculous and profane the situations get usually the funnier it is.

In it’s seventh season (which David is hinting might be it’s last) the plot centers around Larry trying to win back his ex-wife by casting her in a Seinfeld reunion show. The ongoing reunion plot has been extremely well done, between getting to see Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld sitting around and bouncing jokes off each other as they write the new Seinfeld script to Jason Alexander passive-aggressively battling Larry over seemingly innocent things like asking to borrow a pen.  The crowning moment of the reunited Seinfeld gang is Micheal “Kramer” Richards meeting Leon, Larry’s roommate and all-around funniest man alive.

Richards meets Leon aka "Danny Duberstein"

I wrote about Leon a few weeks ago, but his meeting with Richards  and their discussion of “Groats Disease” (his infamous 2006 racist rant at hecklers being the elephant in the room) was absolutely genius and handled the situation perfectly. I don’t know whats funnier, Micheal Richards opening the door to see Leon and shouting “I said I was sorry!” or Leon dressing up as a member of the Nation of Islam because that was “the whitest thing I have.”

Enjoy the full NSFW clip below:

Here are some of the best clips from past seasons of the show, from Larry getting confronted by his wife and Wanda Sykes about a certain fetish he might have to the introduction of “Krazy Eyez”.

Bonus video: Micheal Richards on Letterman right after his tirade. Most awkward interview ever?

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