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A Video Interview With Max Seibald

max-seibald-denver outlaws
Max playing for Denver.

Max Seibald, Denver Outlaw, Philadelphia WIng, Member of Team USA and Nike Lacrosse Athlete, recently ran one of his Maximum Lacrosse Camps in New York City and I had the chance to talk with Max and lob some questions his way.  Max hadn’t done an interview in a while but he passed this test with flying colors.  Heck, I didn’t even have to edit the footage at all!

We cover the basics like camp, why we lax and why he’s a Nike guy.  We also get into some stringing talk, and if you didn’t know who Jimmy Butler was before this interview, I’m pretty sure you’ll know who he is after watching.  Max Seibald, laxer extraordinaire, just talking shop and keeping it real.  BOOM!

Thanks to Max for having me work his camp, which was really great, and for doing this interview. We’re a bit silly here at LAS sometimes, but we love lacrosse as much as anyone, and it was great to spend some time with a guy like Max, who makes his living off of the game at the highest levels, and still be able to share that bond. It’s one of those things that few sports (and no major sports) other than lacrosse can offer.

max-seibald-denver outlaws

Max playing for Denver.

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