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Reader’s Choice: Adrenaline Performance Of The Week

COrnell harvard lacrosse
David Lau vs. Harvard in 2010.

In your eyes, who was the top performer in our sport this past weekend?

Think back about all the performances you witnessed over the weekend – a team winning a big game, an individual player having a HUGE day, or a coach winning an historic game – and nominate them in the comments section as your Adrenaline Performance Of The Week. Make sure to tell us WHY you picked them!

The LAS Reader with the winning comment gets a free pair of GREY Adrenaline Rasta Socks that you can’t buy in stores. You have to know people to get these… and you know us!

Here’s an example of what a nomination might look like:

I’m nominating David Lau of Cornell for his performance against Harvard.  After going down, the Big Red came back furiously and Lau notched both the goal that tied the game at 12min and the game winner that put Cornell up in the end. Two huge goals (and 8 points overall!) when they were most needed in a game Cornell definitely wanted to win, in order to position themselves in the Ivy. Lau’s a stud!

COrnell harvard lacrosse

David Lau vs. Harvard in 2010.

(Photo courtesy

IMPORTANT: The comment with the most likes, replies (and that gets the LAS stamp of approval) will be declared the winner! This is a new weekly series here at LAS, so this won’t be your only chance to win free custom socks from Adrenaline!

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  • What about Denver beating Duke, 12-8? Does that legitimize Tierney’s leaving Princeton? Does it mean West Coast Lax will get some respect? Or is Duke just weak this year?

    Either way you look at it, its huge. Duke will always be a big name in lacrosse, and Denver beating them 12-8 puts them on the map even more. Games like this is why I love lacrosse.

  • My nomination is for Adam Ghitelman of UVa. The senior goalie notched 15 saves in the OT win vs UNC, and according to UVa Coach Dom Starsia, really ‘helped keep us in’ the game early on after making some key saves. Ghitelman acknowledged that he put extra work in during the week, and it showed. Anytime that you can have your senior goalie step up early, it sets the tone for the team and makes you want to play harder to make his effort translate to the offensive end.

  • Alec Bialosky-LSM Tufts University
    4 Goals and 1 Assist in victory over previously undefeated Trinity College

  • I’m nominating UNC’s Ryan Flanagan. The All-American defenseman was a nightmare for Virginia’s offense. He played great defense all game, was credited with 5 ground balls( 3 or 4 of which came in the first period), and even got a goal. Even though defenders aren’t normally the stars of the game, I think Ryan Flanagan was and I think he should get the Adrenaline Performance of the Week.

  • Bill Tierney gets my nomination. Give Tierney a lot of credit for leading his team to victory over Duke this weekend. Give him the Performance of the Week for having the guts and saavy to take this out-of-conference game vs. the defending national champs at a neutral site in one of lacrosse’s recruiting hotbeds. If Denver wasn’t already on the radar of Long Island kids, it probably is now. 6000 people showed up to see the game and see that Denver can play with, and beat, the big boys. It was a win/win for Denver even is they lost, but they didn’t. Kudos to Tierney.

  • haha great minds think alike fiddy

    Yours will also show up before mine, being the first and at the bottom of all the other comments.

    case in point you have 3 likes, I have 0.

  • I realize he was mentioned below but Bialosky’s has got to be one of the best performances I’ve seen by ANY middie in a while, let alone an LSM. He was dominant between the lines AND came away with 4 goals (on 6 shots) and an assist? Unbelievable. Tufts beat 8-0 Trinity 18-10 but the game was 12-10 going into the 4th and not as lopsided as it appears. Tufts needed this game if they wanted to secure home field advantage throughout the NESCAC playoffs and they made a statement win. He’s now got 8g 5a and 38gbs in 9 games this season; if this kid isn’t first team AA the voting needs to come into question.

  • Detroit Mercy. The Titans are in first place in the MAAC right now. They’ve clinched a conference playoff berth. No the MAAC isn’t elite level D1 lacrosse, but this is pretty impressive for a third year program in the D (see what I did there?).

  • Billy bitter at the big city classic. Tripped the defender on the cage then ran around spun into the goal and scored while he was falling.

  • I am dominating Stephen keogh because he was picked for the big east conference honor roll on Monday april 11th for his 19th career hat trick while playing against princeton thanks to his winning goal cuse won 7-5 and overall helped Syracuse to remain unbeaten Keogh also leads Syracuse in goals with 20 and is ranked fifth of active lacrosse players with 120 goals as a senior and that is why I nominated Stephen keogh

  • Incredible play, but foot was in the crease…plus they lost that game and to UVA…Keogh should win for his mohawk and celebration

  • John Rannagan… he is so dope. he dishes the cleanest passes and creates a lot of opportunities. Pierce Basset as well, he came in as a freshman and played the end of last season and did awesome, Hopkins is going all the way this year baby

  • I am nominating Tim Desko on Syracuse #21 who scored an intriguing around the back against Virginia on throwback jersey night. He definitely got style points and the goal with the most swagger this year, kudos to him.

  • I only have one account, davidcooney13. The one that I posted under was a guest account that I named “David Cooney”…..that would be a good idea, though. Try it.

  • I nominate Jake Fritkin in high school he plays for the boise braves as a goalie he had 70 shots on him and only 14 went in thats like a new record there he also dolphin dived just to get the ball while his team was down by 14 that’s real dedication to trying his hardest

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