WINNER ANNOUCED – ADRLN Player Spotlight & Contest: Erik Krum

Erik Krum ADRLN contest winner



During halftime of the LXM PRO 858 event in San Diego, I caught a glimpse of a pretty spectacular commercial. Although I had a mediocre internet connection and there were a few broadcast issues, I caught the gist of it and I was impressed. Take a look at the latest commercial from ADRLN: Erik Krum – All Fight. No Flight.

Remember this is a commercial, so you will see a ton of ADRLN logos all over the place, but I don’t feel that it affects the message.

Erik Krum is a machine amongst men, he is by far one of my favorite pro lacrosse players in the game. That said, I have to be honest, I remember hearing his name at Salisbury, but I didn’t really recognize the power of Erik until I saw him play and teach before my eyes this summer in Orem.

He is a student of the game and a product of the weight room. His rise to greatness directly comes from his insanely dedicated lifestlye and passion for lacrosse and playing crease attack.


Want to win an Erik Krum theme prize pack? You can take home a replica of the same hat Erik is wearing in the beginning of the video!

Erik Krum ADRLN contest

Since Erik is such an animal in the gym, we wanted to throw you some workout gear from ADRLN.

Included in the pack:

ADRLN prize pack

ADRLN Corpo v.3 Hat

ADRLN Vendetta Strife Shooting Shirt

ADRLN Sweatbands

Who Won?

Our favorite user submitted picture came from our friend Matt Schupp from Chico, CA. We didn’t ask for anything creative or artistic, we just wanted to see where you train.

Erik Krum ADRLN contest winner

Matt’s favorite place to workout includes a great open grass space for drills and parachute sprints, a giant brick wall perfect for wall ball, and a series of goals near the wall so you don’t have to space it and chase it.

Congratulations Matt, send us an email with your mailing address and we will send your prizes out this week!

More on Erik

Want to know more about Erik? Check out our videos that let you in to a little piece of his world. Krummy enlightens us on how he stays so fit and what he’s listening to while doing it…