Air Force’s Dan Gnazzo Can Do It All


Air Force’s Dan Gnazzo was just named the First Team GWLL LSM for the 2009 season. What first struck me as the most impressive fact regarding this selection was the fact that the 2nd team LSM was ALSO from Air Force. How often do you see two specialized position players from the same team earn both spots on an all-conference team? Answer: not often!

However, upon closer inspection, the most impressive thing about Gnazzo being named first team all conference is that after being named to the all GWLL team last year as a LSM, Gnazzo was going back to his normal position this year: goalie.

It looks like Gnazzo stuck with the LSM assignment and the AFA was able to find a solid goalie but it has certainly paid some dividends as Gnazzo keeps racking up the accolades out in the GWLL in his Senior season.  It just goes to show you that good athletes can shine no matter where they play on the field as long as they stick to it and embrace the challenge.  It is clear from the laxmagazine article that Gnazzo is a team player and was willing to do whatever it took to help the Falcons win games.

The AFA’s current goalie is only a sophomore in Brian Wilson [and no, he is not a member of the Beach Boys].  The 2nd team LSM was also from Air Force and is a sophomore.  What this tells me is that Gnazzo was the real deal to even be considered for the starting position over one of these guys.  Considering he was used in BOTH positions says even more.