Alphabetical 2013 NCAA D1 Preview: Maryland

The Seatown Classic - Denver vs. Maryland

We’re breaking down each and every NCAA D1 team one by one to get prepped for the rapidly approaching season. Welcome back to the Alphabetical 2013 NCAA D1 Previews! We move another spot down the list and the Maryland Terrapins, located in College Park, MD, are up for Preview!

2012 saw Maryland go 12-6, and with a great run in the playoffs, the Terps made it all the way to Memorial Day, where they fell to crosstown rival, Loyola, by a score of 9-3. The Terps had topped Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Lehigh to reach the finals. During the regular season, Maryland beat Duke, ‘Nova, and Hop for big wins. They dropped games to Colgate, Duke, Virginia, UNC, and UMBC.

2013 sees Maryland continue to test themselves. They play Mount St. Mary’s, Hartford, Loyola, Duke, UMBC, Stony Brook, Villanova, UNC, Virginia, Navy, Hopkins, Yale, the ACC tourney, and then Colgate. That’s a lot of tough games, but the Terps wouldn’t have it any other way.

Owen Blye and Kevin Forster both return at attack, and there are ten guys outside of those two who are hoping for time, all with potential and talent. There is a good mix of size and speed at attack for UMD, and the Terps are sure to find another deadly combination. At midfield, the depth only gets better. Chanechuck, Bernhardt, Carr, Holmes, Haus, and Cooper all return, and a host of young players look to step in.

Defensively, the Terps benefit from the work of Jesse Bernhardt at LSM, with some support from Gorran Murray, who will also see time down low. Down at the pole position, Maryland has some holes to fill, but not many, as Michael Ehrhardt returns after starting every game in 2012. There is talent there, and Niko Amato returns to backstop the D in net. As I mentioned above, Curtis Holmes is back, and he will continue to do well at face offs.

Overall, Maryland looks as good as they did in 2012. They have some solid Senior leaders, and many younger players with experience, ready to help lead. Will Maryland drop some games this year? YOU BET THEY WILL! No one plays a schedule like the Terps’, and wins every game… But that will only steel Maryland for what they need to do come play off time. Maryland is very dangerous, again. So watch out!

The Seatown Classic - Denver vs. Maryland

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  1. I don’t understand the point of these previews.  How about a little depth?  Where are the strengths and weaknesses?  Why?  What matchups will present problems?  Why?  Who are the key new guys who could get playing time?  Who does the team need to step up?  In Maryland’s case, what does the coaching change from Kevin Warne to Kevin Conry mean for the defense?  How does Conry’s style differ?  How about Farrel replacing Phipps?  

    This reads like it was written by a cheerleader.  Maybe that’s the purpose.  Sorry if I got it wrong.  But if you’re really going to write previews, do a little research and give me some real information.

    • The vast majority of the previews give an overview of each team, and are not intended to be exhaustive by any means. There are a lot of people out there who don’t know much about D1 lacrosse, especially outside of the Top 10, so these previews are really for them.

      In the cases of High Point, Hopkins, and Loyola, some of our writers have done exactly what you proposed, and gone extremely in-depth. I would do it, but honestly, I don’t have the time to go that in-depth on every team.

      The Maryland preview probably reads like a cheerleader wrote it because I think the Terps will be excellent again. Check out my Manhattan preview… it’s not quite as happy.

      I can see how some of these previews, for a true fan who loves D1 lacrosse, would be a let down.

      • Gotcha.  But I would counter that almost anyone who goes to a website like this already knows that Maryland is good at lacrosse, and most people who go to a website like this would appreciate more depth.  If this was a general sports site that catered to non-lacrosse people, then yeah…I could see very general previews making sense.  I see a heading about a Maryland season preview, that’s what I expect.  I’m from the school of thought that if you’re going to do something, try to nail it.  

        No big deal.  Just wondering at the purpose.  Carry on.