And the F is for Forever



ALLOW me to introduce the 90% of Lax is in the Flow official logos, ahead of official clothing line release.

Super difficult to argue with the corporate logo. Would you want that on your business card?

What about this version?


Put that on the front of a tshirt, put this on the back


Thought so, you’ve got a hot seller.

As the Gettysburg guys graduated, I worried the group would lose momentum, oh ye of little faith, on the contrary the group has surged with momentum.

I triple dog dare you like A Christmas Story to find a more influential facebook group than what these guys have created. Perhaps the notion of hockey flow came first, but lacrosse has perfected it, indoctrinating into non-hotbed regions, and pretty much making it status-flow unless you’re on Team STX (not Brett Hughes) or from New York, specifically Upstate (but, not Mr. 9 Goals in the State Final C. English). I haven’t cut my hair in eleven months in hopes of being captured in a photograph worthy enough to post in the group.

Over 13,000 members and counting. The more members, the bigger the movement

Quid pro flow, Clarice.

Continued here…


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