Apparently Warrior is big into Hockey???

Looking through last week’s Sports Illustrated on the subway, I saw some pictures of the Montreal Canadiens and noticed the Warrior logo on their gloves and pants.

Did anyone else know that Warrior makes hockey stuff?


I guess it’s not that much of a stretch… Hockey gloves don’t look too different from lacrosse gloves. Anyone try ever their hockey gear?

One thing is certain – It looks like Warrior is going for the gusto with a marketing campaign strangely similar to their lacrosse work:

Do these ads remind you of anything?

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  • They’ve been big into hockey for a few years now. I guess you have to be into hockey to know this, but they are actually one of the bigger hockey manufacturers.

  • Up here in MN, including right now, Warrior Hockey is huge these days, the kids are drawn to the marketing – currently at the MN High School Hockey Tourney at the X – they have the hockey vendors there, can I use the term "eyecandy" when talking about the "warrior girls" at their vendor area.

    Last year their both included arm wrestling and a mowhawk/mullet barbershop (one of the greatest things ive seen)…

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