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Who Was That Masked Duck Anyway? [Good Morning LaxNation!]

0 - Published August 3, 2009 by in Lifestyle

This is longtime Oregon lacrosse fan Earl doing his best Miami Vice while strutting his stuff on the Ducks lacrosse field. Today’s pic is sent from Will D. in Eugene.  If you have a fascinating bit of media you would like to see then do like Will and send it on in. Got a picture […]


Even The Dancing Kids Know What Time It Is [Weekend!]

0 - Published July 31, 2009 by in Lifestyle

The weekend is finally here so pop lock and drop it or do the thizz dance, LaxNation.  It’s time to untuck your shirt and live a little. Image not to scaleI would suggest you stay the hell out of New York and as far away from LAS HQ as you can because things are a […]


If Only I Had Some Kind Of Sun Protection Device [Good Morning LaxNation]

0 - Published July 31, 2009 by in Lifestyle

Baseball fans aren’t necessarily the smartest in the world… Got a picture or video you want to see on “Good Morning LaxNation”? Let us know at In other pre-weekend news, Ridley Scott is signed on for another Alien prequel, this picture of a cloud kinda freaks me out, and everyone in the entire world […]


Talking Summer Camps And Suiting Up With Quint And Dixon

0 - Published July 30, 2009 by in College, High School

Lacrosse may be the only sport where one of the tips for success in the summer is “Don’t only play lacrosse because college coaches want multi-sport athletes… don’t burn out on lacrosse…relax and enjoy the summer”. Also, what about the classy duds for these two stallions eh? Great thoughts from Quint on non-hotbed laxers and […]

The Totally Awesome (And Totally Fake) National High School Tournament

0 - Published July 29, 2009 by in High School

A few weeks ago we featured a story on The Gilman School, congratulating them on their defacto national championship.  NOT SO FAST GILMAN!  Turns out Laxpower doesn’t want to give that title away so easily. Instead, they have thrown every team in to a theoretical 64 team tournament.  How does one get in to this […]

Niche Sports And Life On The Fringe [In This Economy?]

0 - Published July 23, 2009 by in College

Like many other people passionate about the growth of lacrosse, I’m axiously waiting for the next school to make the jump and add a Men’s Lacrosse program on the NCAA level.  The widespread growth of lacrosse up and down the West has become prime recruiting grounds for top East Coast lacrosse programs.  The National Championship […]

Satan’s A Big Cycling Fan [Good Morning LaxNation!]

0 - Published July 22, 2009 by in Lifestyle

Got a picture or video you want to see on “Good Morning LaxNation”? Let us know at Rule of thumb: Fan’s dressing up in wacky halloween-ish outfits generally means watching people whiz by on bicycles isn’t the most exciting sport in the world.

GET JACKED! With Strength Coach Scott Umberger

0 - Published July 21, 2009 by in Training

This Week’s GET JACKED! – What generation are we? The LAS crew recently saw the documentary “Our Time” for some answers and Scott has some thoughts of his own. Don’t feed into the lazy/entitled stereotype of the younger generation because getting ripped is a job and it’s time to punch the clock.

Sky Rockets In Flight [Good Morning LaxNation!]

0 - Published July 21, 2009 by in Lifestyle

Got a picture or video you want to see on “Good Morning LaxNation”? Let us know at Debate on whether or not this was a crease violation aside, if you don’t think this is the greatest goal ever…I will fight you.

The Mr. BS Report Podcast: 3 Man Weave With GMODT and LBT

0 - Published July 17, 2009 by in Lifestyle, Site News

What makes a sport popular? Is it danger? Degenerate gambling? Cheerleaders? Can we get through an entire podcast without re-hashing Transformers 2? These are just some of the important topics discussed with LAS writers LandBeforeTime and GetMitchorDieTryn’. Put your seat backs and tray tables in the upright and locked position and get ready for some […]