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Show Us Your Battle Scar

We all know that lacrosse is hardcore but Lacrosse All Stars wants to see your photographic evidence of bad-assery. Gaudet has some photos to get us started so get ready and Show Us Your Battle Scar, Lax Nation!

Tahoe Uniform Review:

An in-depth review of the Woozles Lacrosse Club jerseys provided by LacrosseWear for the 2009 Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament.

Recruiting Officials: A Shakespearean Tragedy?

It almost feels like a Shakespearian tragedy. If you do your job well, nobody even realizes you were there. Officials generally don’t become well known around a league unless they make a call egregious enough to burn their image into a player or coach’s mind. The pay can be minimal and the glory hard to come by. So how do we entice more qualified individuals to sign up?

Al Jazeera Reports On Lacrosse?

I'm not quite sure what spurred this Al Jazeera (English) story on the state of lacrosse in America, but they did a pretty fantastic job of summing up where lacrosse fits within the greater context of American sports.

Lax’n South Of The Border

While lacrosse might not be the first thing many of us think of when someone mentions Mexico, Iliad Rodriguez is trying to change that. The coach of the young Mexican national team has been working hard attempting to organize a legitimate ILF World Games contender.

Denver’s First Family

The University of Denver might have scored the biggest coaching hire of the off-season when they signed Bill Tierney as their new head coach...

Ah Yes, The Ol’ Turn The Ball Into A Flaming Dragon...

I have no idea what the context of these scenes are, but judging by the end credits I'm ready to give this Japanese flick a number of academy awards.  Turning the ball in to bugs bunny on his way to Albuquerque?  A between the legs flying Gait? Jumping out of a freaking helicopter?  This begs the question, how on earth did we beat Japan in the IFWLA?

The All-American Quota

Laxpower recently posted the list of this year’s US Lacrosse’s All-American recipients, the highest individual award any high school player can achieve.  That said, many of you don't know how these guys are chosen.  Recently I had the opportunity to take part in a high school All-American selection process, and I've recapped it in the form of an interview with myself.

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