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LAS Cheap Seats: The Only Sports Competition More Obscure than Lacrosse

0 - Published June 12, 2009 by in Lifestyle

We have all had them. A friend or teammate who is a little quirky and maybe you would even call them kind of nuts.  Nonetheless, they never cease to amaze you with their zany antics and crazy stories. These individuals live life in the fast lane and honestly you wouldn’t be the least bit surprised […]

LAS Cheap Seats: Pink Bats And Steroids

0 - Published May 20, 2009 by in Lifestyle

(Editor’s Note: Last weeks ‘Lax Newb Chronicles’ is old news for now but we’ve taken the idea of non-lacrosse specific themes that are relevant to ALL sports and created the ‘LAS Cheap Seats‘. Here is another gem from the guy you love to argue with: LandBeforeTime)