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Peter Tumbas played in the NCAA and MCLA, and has been a head coach in the MCLA. He currently resides in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and remains heavily involved in the sport.
Yinzer Report Pittsburgh lacrosse

Yinzer Report: Pittsburgh D1 Semifinals

The 2014 Pittsburgh D1 semifinals went down Monday night at Baldwin high school and they did not disappoint.
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Club Directors Panel: How to Email a College Coach, Written by...

A previous Club Directors Panel focused on how clubs are preparing their families for the accelerated recruiting process. Ryan Danehy, co-director of Go Blue and current assistant at Michigan, shared valuable insights from both sides of the process and then provided a great template for emailing college coaches.
Yinzer report bracket pittsburgh high school lacrosse tournament

Yinzer Report: Playoff Brackets

The regular season has concluded in Pittsburgh. It's time to preview the D1 playoff bracket.
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Club Directors Panel: Managing Expectations

How do you manage a player, and perhaps his family as well, who comes off of a disappointing summer circuit?
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Club Directors Panel: Late Bloomer In Lacrosse

We are assuming this late bloomer took a big step up in one year. We've seen it happen before, so what should this player do to maximize his rapid talent spurt? Suppose this hypothetical athlete was, at best, projected to be a depth player on a middle of the road D3 team, and then, all of sudden, a growth spurt and/or lacrosse development kicks in and he's looking like a low end to middle D1 contributor. What can this kid do? What is the process going to be like?

Club Directors Panel: High School Teams Vs Club

Our fourth Club Directors Panel presented a bit of a challenge for our participants, because we asked about attitudes of those associated with off-season lacrosse. By no means are we being accusatory of our panel, but as the scene continues to evolve, we are simply wondering what they're experiencing from their side of the table.

American Revolution: Creating Elite Lacrosse Instruction

With the proliferation of tournaments and showcase camps, elite level instructional opportunities have become more and more rare. When you look at the numbers, this trend seems to be backwards simply because so many new players are picking up the sport. There are more opportunities to play the sport than every before but not as many opportunities to learn and develop skills from talented teachers.

Yinzers at the Next Level

Welcome to Yinzers at the Next Level, a weekly series that will track the progress of Pittsburgh athletes at the next level… playing college lacrosse! As Pittsburgh has improved over time, the area has produced more and more high level talent. We are now at the point where tracking Pittsburgh players in college should be a thing. And now it is!

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