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Kevin grew up in Irvine, CA where he started playing lacrosse in the 6th grade. He played for multiple teams in the Adrenaline Starz organization back in the days before Adrenaline was an official sponsor, and played four years for the Northwood High School Timberwolves. Now, Kevin attends UCLA and plays attack for the Bruins.
Tweet of the Week

Tweet of the Week: Beastly Banter with Junior

Greg Gurenlian and John Grant Jr. recently had a quite hilarious back-and-forth banter on Twitter regarding the TV show Sons of Anarchy, and it ended with this bit of friendly humor from the Beast.

Spotted: Lacrosse Stick in PBS Sherlock TV Show

After hearing from friends how good Sherlock is, I finally started watching the PBS Masterpiece series this summer. It's a great show, and even though there are only three episodes in each mini-season, Sherlock delivers in this modern adaptation of the great detective Sherlock Holmes and his main man John Watson. And guess what? Sherlock finds a lacrosse stick in an episode.
Tweet of the Week

Tweet of the Week: Michigan Lacrosse 2014-2015 Practice Helmets

The University of Michigan Lacrosse team has had a set of practice helmets and a set of game helmets every year since they became an NCAA Division I team, and it seems this year will be no different. These practice R helmets from Cascade are clean in white with a navy chin.
New York Giants Linebacker Mark Herzlich Under Armour lacrosse stick in his NFL locker

Spotted: Mark Herzlich’s Under Armour Lacrosse Stick

If you're a fan of the New York Giants you probably know linebacker Mark Herzlich. But did you know he played lacrosse for Pennsylvania powerhouse Conestoga High School? Well apparently someone at Under Armour did, because it looks like they hooked him up with a nice stick to throw around with.
Tweet of the Week

Tweet of the Week: Back to the Future for John Grant...

John Grant Junior just led the Denver Outlaws to their first MLL Championship with a Championship Game MVP performance to top off an outstanding season, and Casey Powell led the Florida Launch in their first year of existence - and the entirety of Major League Lacrosse - in points this year to be named overall season MVP. Have we gone back to the future?
Tweet of the Week

Tweet of the Week: Little League Lacrosse World Series

If you watch ESPN, you've probably noticed that the Little League World Series is going on right now. It's pretty cool to see all these kids playing on such a big stage while still having a blast, but what if lacrosse had something similar?
Falling Skies on TNT has Cascade Lacrosse Pro 7 Helmet

Spotted: Cascade Lacrosse Helmet in Falling Skies TV Show

Apparently the TV show Falling Skies on TNT is a big hit with LAS Nation because we received this spotting from three different people! Thanks to readers Richard, Blake, and Sean for all letting us know about this spotting.
Tweet of the Week

Tweet of the Week: Baum, Machine Oil Up for Playoffs

The Ohio Machine are heading to the Major League Lacrosse playoffs for the first time in the team's three seasons in Columbus. A big part of their success has been the play of LXM PROs Kyle Harrison and Peter Baum, and the latter tweeted an awesome photo of a packed stadium behind him during the Machine's regular season finale.

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