Behind the Back Shooting

Behind the Back with Trilogy

There is a time and place to use a behind the back pass or shot.

I use it very rarely, but am comfortable using it when I need to because I work on constantly.

Usually you find yourself using it to improve your angle around the goal, or to get a pass off quickly around a defenseman. Deciding when to use it is based off of instinct, be prepared to use it, but be smart about it so it’s effective. It’s important to have the proper technique when you throw a behind the back.

Hand placement shouldn’t change; your release still needs to be up by your head and ear as if you were throwing a regular pass.

The head of your stick still needs to follow through to your teammates stick. Don’t drop your hands or the head of your stick.

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Chris Boland
Chris grew up in Maryland where he attended Boys’ Latin School in Baltimore, MD. He finished his career as a captain, an MIAA A conference champion and the schools all time leading scorer. He continued his career down the road at Johns Hopkins university where he won another national championship, became a two time captain and an All American at attack. He finished his career 15th all time in career points in Johns Hopkins history. Currently, Chris is coaching at USC.