bhsvideodad Video Report: Oregon vs. Boise State

We love it when bhsvideodad sends us his stuff. Top-quality footage, narration that makes me feel like I was there, and great music that sometimes gives me the chills.

This report covers the Oregon vs. Boise State game that took place on March 7th. It was the home opener for the Ducks, who were 3-2 going into the game.  Boise State was 0-3.

According to bhsvideodad:

The Oregon Ducks 2009 home opener features the high powered Duck offense against a physical defense by the Boise State Broncos, who get off to a 2-0 lead in the first quarter. Oregon comes to life and cruises to a 17-3 win. Oregon attackman J. Blackmore gets 4, Jon Matusiefsky 3. Berkeley High grad Erik Lyneis (#10) has 2 and freshman goalie from De Le Salle, Matt Rostratter (#2) makes a nice save near the end of the video.

My favorite part of this video is at the 1:26 mark. Oregon’s #15 is bringing the ball down the field and a Brono defender (can’t make out his number) desperately hooks his stick around the kid’s neck, completely clotheslining him. #15 jumps up looking for beef but the Bronco defender is already sprinting away at Mach 10 to the sin bin with his tail between his legs. Reminds me a lot of that “Hit and Run” video we posted a while back.  That kid might STILL be running.

Boise State, who upset the PNCLL favorite Montana Grizzlies 12-11 on Saturday, is now 1-4 on the season. Oregon is 5-2 after beating Portland State (1st year team) 26-1 on Sunday.

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  • I’m not guaranteeing a Stevens victory, but I guarantee MSU won’t sneak up on them. They’re known to be a good squad and Stevens took them seriously in the regular season but only beat them by one.

    As for as NESCAC lamentations go, meh. Wesleyan et al knew the selection criteria ahead of time and still chose to play weak out of conference games.Teams from other heavily academic schools travel overnight midweek if that’s what they have to do to play strong opponents. Or better yet, leave Vermont during spring break, Middlebury. If you do that and still don’t get a berth, then pop off. (Obviously none of this is directed at you, CW. Nice write-up!)

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