Blowing Up: An Anecdotal

Lacrosse in October in NYC? Why not!

One observation means next to nothing in the grander scheme of things.  Many similar observations lead to ideas and those evolve until we find some semblance of truth.  Knowing how to truly understand that truth is wisdom.

I don’t know what part of the realization train lacrosse is on but seeing kids in NYC during the fall riding the subway with a lacrosse stick is a day I never thought I’d see.  Below is just an example of one of the many times a week I see this kind of stuff.   Long live lacrosse!

Lacrosse in October in NYC? Why not!


  1. Growing up in NYC, I was that kid with the “fishing net” or “that game you play w/ a horse”, etc… whenever I had a lax stick in the subway with me. Heck, at 31, I still get the “what is he holding” look in the subway still w/ my gear in hand! :o)

  2. Being a NYC student, getting onto buses and subways with my gear & stick is always a new experience. I get those “what is he carrying?” stares or weird looks from across the bus. ESPECIALLY on a crowded bus when I accidentally hit someone with my stick while trying to maneuver through the bus, it’s tough being a laxer sometimes.