Box Lacrosse In Adelaide, South Australia


In Australia, the three big lacrosse states are Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia. The vast majority of national team players come from these three areas, and each year, the three states each have a team which competes in field lacrosse for a national championship. This field lacrosse fascination has been going on for decades, but there is also a growing passion for box lacrosse Down Under, and it seems like the community in Adelaide, in South Australia, is well on its way.


Currently, there are four teams in the Adelaide box league: the Three AM Shrikes, the Brute Force Spartans, Players Edge Sports Outlaws, and the Day and Night Auto Chiefs. The season begins in November, and ends in February (that’s Summer time in Australia). Last year the championship was won by the Three AM Shrikes, 5-4, over the Outlaws.

Check out a little helmet cam footage from the games. You’ll notice the play on a wooden floor. Very cool!

We’ve also heard rumblings of more box lacrosse interest from Perth in Western Australia, and from my experience down there during the hottest months, I know field lacrosse is no easy task over the Summer. When it’s 110 degrees out and the sun is overhead, all you want to do is go inside and play box in the A/C.

Photo courtesy the Adelaide Box Lacrosse Club Facebook page. Make sure to check them out.


  1. I’m a recent D3 player who just graduated and is currently living in Queensland. I played for the Mooloolaba Knights, a start up program outside of Brisbane (Brisse and Mooloolaba are the only two teams in Queensland). unfortunately for outdoor it is too hot even during there winter but there is a start to a possible future for the game up north in australia too.