Bucknell’s Hidden Ball Trick & UNC’s Top 10 Play


I simply have to cover two things before we get to the truly excellent lacrosse highlights from this past weekend:

1) Yes, Steele Stanwick completed another pass from his back on Saturday. At this point I think we should assume Steele does at least some of his line drills lying down. The announcers didn’t even mention it this time; it’s just not a big deal anymore.

2) I was watching TV while writing this and a Frosted Flakes commercial came on. It’s your typical Frosted Flakes “kids playing sports and having fun” bit, and suddenly this happens:

In what is apparently a post-goal celebration, one guy drops to the ground and plays air guitar while his teammate joins in. Forget the fact that they’re not wearing elbow pads, what is going on here? Is this what people think we do? Wait, are you guys doing this after your goals now? You know what? I can’t deal with this right now. I just can’t. I’ve got a post to write.

In case you were busy watching the UVA vs UNC game over on ESPN (two lacrosse games on national television at the same time is a great problem to have), the Bucknell Bison broke out the Hidden Ball trick in a late power play against Army.

Great call with a minute left when you’re down one and have only scored four goals. Got to try whatever you’ve got left.

Meanwhile in Chapel Hill, North Carolina’s Chad Tutton made his way onto SportsCenter’s Top Plays with this goal:

Congrats to Chad, apparently aka “The Tut” (he was also called “King Tut” by SportsCenter’s Linda Cohn) for earning the #6 spot and maybe a new nickname or two in the process.