Buffalo Soldier: The Blind Date


About the author: Pete Stevenson is the head coach of the University of Colorado men’s lacrosse team. He grew up in Orem, Utah where he started the team for his high school before attending UVSC and BYU. He was an assistant coach under Jason Lamb at BYU for the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

It starts.

I always compare the start of the regular season with a blind date. The kind where you have just seen a picture of your date before you go out. No matter how good that picture looks there are to many variables to feel completely sure that it is going to be a successful date. Does she smell like pesticide? (this happened once) Is she going to talk about marriage five minutes in? Will she pay? (please say yes)

All of those questions are unknowns when you have that first date with someone you don’t know. The same is true for those first games. The preseason games help, and they always let you know what problems you have, Whether you have neglected to learn how to clear, ride, play man down or man up. Maybe you need to practice ground balls. All of those things are imperative when you step on that field the first time.

Our first game is tonight at 7pm against the University of New Hampshire. I have no clue how good they are. I know nothing about them, I don’t even have a picture to tell if they are cute or not.

So I have to be prepared for everything going in. I have to be prepared for a battle and expect them to give us everything that they can. I kind of like that we don’t know much about them. It allows us to focus on us going into that game. Getting better ourselves.

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