Buffalo Soldier: The Boring Side Of Coaching


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Editor’s note: Please welcome Pete Stevenson to the LAS show! Pete is the head coach of the University of Colorado men’s lacrosse team. He grew up in Orem, Utah where he started the team for his high school before attending UVSC and BYU. He was an assistant coach under Jason Lamb’s beautiful hair at BYU for the 2007 and 2008 seasons. Give him a warm welcome in his first post.

I didn’t know that most of the stuff coaches do has nothing to do with lacrosse. I spent most of the day dealing with travel plans and hotel rooms and our budget. Not nearly enough of my day was spent thinking about lacrosse. And that is the nature of the beast in the MCLA.

I am lucky enough to be at a program that pays me enough to be a semi-full time head coach. Between the summer camp and some donations to the program, there is money available to keep a roof over my head for most of the year. There are some schools that aren’t afforded that luxury.

CU lacrosse

My point is, I wasn’t ready for this. I thought I just had to think about lacrosse and all the other stuff would be taken care of. That is always the way it had happened before. I showed up, coached, went home. This is new.

I remember when I first walked into my club sports office. In my lacrosse mail slot were about 20 DVDs that had been sent in by kids hoping to become future Buffs. I had no clue what to do there. How do you organize all of these kids? How do I figure out whether he is right for my team and school? It was a little overwhelming to say the least.

Yet, I love it. Every second of it. The process to win is just that – a process. The hotel we stay at will be important to us performing well. The flight we take, the uniform we wear, even the socks that are worn are going to be important. Now, does it equate to wins and losses? I think so. The more organized everything else is, the easier life will be on the field for the players.

The less I have to worry about the little things, the more focused on film, recruiting and game planning I can be. So that is the goal. Organization. I sit here listening to Neil Young, humming along and focused on the organization side of the game.

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