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Finally got to play some lacrosse last Sunday, after a nice getaway weekend in New Orleans.

Needed one of these

New Orleans was great – it was New Orleans. The Red Dress Run was going on, and for those who don’t know, imagine 10,000 people all dressed in red dresses (female and male), in a race.

Except this race is different. You start drinking at 9:00am, run down Bourbon street for pit stops, hop over the people who passed out, and try to make it back to the park where it started. VERY few people actually finish the race.

While I didn’t participate in the actual race (I didn’t want to get my dress dirty, of course), I was fortunate enough to catch a wedding and second line going on during the RDR. Video after the jump, mixed in with some footage of the indoor tourney.

After playing in the tourney for 20 minutes, a truth jumped up, slapped me across the face, and challenged me to a duel:

HOLY GAWD I’m out of shape. I was sucking more wind than a shop vac. It’s the day after the box tournament and I feel like I’ve been jumped. My body is attacking me with soreness, stiffness, and hatred.

Sweet shirt

That’s embarrassing for two reasons: One, I was one of the younger people on our team (Team Old School). You always feel kind of awkward when the old guys are out-pacing you. Two, we only played two games yesterday.

After my miserable performance (only 2A’s on the day), I’m making a vow to get in shape.

BUT, my embarrassment aside, it was some of the most fun I’ve had playing lacrosse in a long, long time.

The tournament kicked off at Quick Stick Lax’s indoor facility on Saturday with 4 squads in attendance. No clue who won what games on Saturday, but the teams were:

- Mandeville Sharpshooters (Mandeville HS-heavy team)
Quick Stick Lacrosse (Told you about them last time)
Team Old School (Austin Speni’s team, which had a few old guys, myself, a couple guys from LSU, and I think a couple kids who just graduated HS – I didn’t ask how old they were)
New Orleans Lax Club (group of post collegiates who happen to live in New Orleans and would care to lax on a frequent basis. Connor Wilson’s gigantic brother, Lehan, happens to play for these guys)

On Sunday, we snuck past the Mandeville Sharpshooters, largely because it was their goalie’s first day to ever play lacrosse. After standing tall through a couple of Austin Speni‘s shots, I have to give the kid some serious respect. I would’ve quit. Austin doesn’t rip ducks – he rips geese.

Then we lost to the New Orleans Lax Club in the Finals, who absolutely dominated transition. Lehan Wilson, Louis Lacour, and Philip Niddrie all put on a nice show.

Photo Time:

Had to buckle up Excalibur. Safety first.

Forgot to pack a dark jersey and had to buy this. NOT complaining

NOLC vs Team Quick Stick

Old School vs NOLC before the faceoff

Connor Wilson's gigantic brother, Lehan, playing for NOLC

Austin Speni moves the ball for Team Old School. He led the team in ridiculous outside shots. This guy doesn't rip ducks - he rips geese.


In other news:

Russell Edgington, King of Mississippi

Russell Edgington got the nod for the best character on HBO’s True Blood after the other night’s performance. By far the best ending to an episode yet.

The box facility in Baton Rouge is under construction and ahead of schedule.

Dutchtown has it’s recruitment meeting scheduled for August 25th. It’ll be interesting to see if the team grows after one year, and by how much.

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