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Cajun’s Corner – Box Lacrosse Goals Are Small

Box night canada

Boxee Box is Fun to Say

The box goals arrived, so you can quit your hating on using the full size field goals.

I knew these box goals were going to be smaller than our field goals (anyone can google the dimesnsions), but having never stood next to a 4′ x 4’9″ goal, I didn’t realize how different it would be. It’s a lot different.

Small goals are small

That being said, the players were virtually unphased by the change. They changed their style from outside shooting to inside shooting almost automatically. I was really impressed.

Game 1 final results: 14-7
Game 2 final results: 10-9

The goalies adapted to the change real well, too. They had 48329084208 saves on the night. I took at least 5 shots on goal, none of which shook the net.

Box goalies look like robots

Here’s the video proof that this took place. Enjoy.

Real Boxla in Louisiana Pick Up from Knox Hutchinson on Vimeo.

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