Cajun’s Corner – Getting Rich


What a fantastic way to start my week. After “working” a few Freshmen Orientations, sending a few billion facebook messages, scouring, I can say that I’m pretty excited about this incoming class.

An All American signed up for tryouts (you read that right). Eight players from Texas D1 have signed up. Four All States have signed up. Four All Conference have signed up. The states represented among these incoming Freshmen are Louisiana, Texas, Washington DC, Colorado, Virginia, and Illinois.

The best part about all of this is we still have three more Freshmen Orientations left, and they’re the busiest ones.

Anything less than Greenville, South Carolina for our 2012 goal is unacceptable.


Move Over Quint

Did that really just happen? Is he the best commentator in the history of commentating, or what?  Did he really just sing Biggie?

…Is this real life?


Now for something completely unrelated

Been looking for a way to blow out your car speakers? Here you go.

LSU Freek is gearing up for football season, which makes me so happy.

Tiger Lacrosse, Inc., the official LSU Lacrosse Booster Club, has been founded. Next up – apply for 501(c)3 Charity status. I had to do that for Dutchtown, and it’s a huge pain. It’s like the IRS wants to make it difficult for companies to get out of paying taxes or something?

T-shirt designs for LSU Lacrosse will be following, once they’re approved by the University, of course.

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