Cajun’s Corner – Highlights, News Blitz, And Flooding

Train Station in Vicksburg, MS

Even more Louisiana Lacrosse Highlights!

Where else can you see highlights of High School lacrosse games in Louisiana? Nowhere. LaxAllStars delivers something unique to the lacrosse world – video evidence that the game continues to grow, even in the more bizarre areas of the world.

This was the Hot Fudge Sundae game. We could have won. We should have won. We did not win. Catholic, the inner-city rivalry, stomped us 18-2 last year. This year they beat us by one goal, after we went on a huge 4th Quarter run.

Next year, Bears. Next year.


Is Tillman the Les Miles of Lacrosse?

Fearless execution, with a one touchdown lead against a formidable SEC opponent.

That’s just plain silly. Dropping that trick play bomb in the middle of an NCAA tournament against an ACC rival.

Tillman later says that wasn’t planned. I’ll bet anything it was totally planned.


Team Quick Stick Roster

Excerpt from

Good looking roster full of a lot of young talent. Excited to be a part of their coaching staff. Seven Dutchtown players made the squad this year.

What a special cookie cake

NOT my proudest moment.


In Other News:

Meeting with LSU Lacrosse this week to start something Very. Very. Big. for their program.

The only way to top BHSVideoDad is to go 3D.

Avicii is killing it. What? Did you think all I listen to is zydeco?

Louisiana is flooding. Like bad.

The Mississippi River is (to put it bluntly) overflowing. To avoid severe damage to… well, everything, government officials and the Army Corp of Engineers have opened spillways to relieve pressure off of the mighty Mississippi.

As a result, many people in less populated areas like Krotz Springs, Pierre Part (where Troy Landry is from), and Morgan City are being forced to evacuate. Some of these areas will lose everything.

Does this mean alligators will be freely roaming our cities? Eating our women and children? Probably not. Even if they were, I have plenty of toothbrushes for defense.

Here are some pictures that are popping up on my facebook feed, and their captions if they have one.

18 feet off the ground and normally 30 feet above water... now within 2 feet of flooding
Via LSU: View of the Mississippi River from the top of the levee.

Knox’s note: LSU’s lacrosse field is literally 50 yards behind where the photographer is standing. The river has since risen over the street and onto the field and LSU Vet school

LSU Lax field is now under water from the rising Mississippi
15 feet of water
Water about to spill into the building (MS)
Train Station in Vicksburg, MS

Road closed

And here’s some more pictures and info.

Or just the link to the slide show.