Cajun’s Corner: W Is For…

4 - Published April 1, 2010 by in High School

If A is for apple, and B is for boy, then W is for win, and our first year High School club has two of those.

These kids continue to blow my mind on a regular basis. We have 23 guys who have never held a stick until January, and 2 who moved here from Colorado. Every single person on this team is motivated, and they’ve truly inspired me.

This Saturday, before the game, they did a pre-game chant that caught me way off guard. Instead of your cliche “What time is it?” or “Who are we?,” I heard:

Johnny: “When I say ‘We are,’ you say ‘Family’…”We are!”
Team: “Family!”

Awesome. Then, our loud, stadium P.A. system played “Come to My Party” by Con Bro Chill. Double Awesome.

So instead of pictures, I bring you picture flow. First, we made the local news. You want to download the 3/27/2010 episode. I’m yelling at 10:57, and the actual segment on lacrosse begins at the 15:33 mark. You’ll notice at the end they drop a stat bomb – Daniel Adler scored 4 goals.

Let me introduce you to Daniel. Daniel is a senior middie, who moved here from Colorado, where he grew up playing lacrosse. When he moved here, he had basically given up on having a future in the sport. Such a shame because he’s easily one of the most talented and athletic people in the state.

Then we started our club. Daniel has been a tremendous leader on the team, helping coach the other players when he sees something that I don’t. He stays late after most practices just to run.

At the beginning of the season, I told him he needed a left hand, so he worked on his left handed, on the run shot for about a month in his free time. He lifts weights and does all that other good stuff, too.

As of Saturday, he got a hefty chunk of change to go play at Millsaps University next year.

Second, we got some game film for you to enjoy.

Yeah, it’s not St. Andrew’s vs Boy’s Latin. Who cares? It will be someday. When it comes to sports (and food), Louisiana doesn’t suck at anything.

Lacrosse is growing, giving more people in weird places a chance to pick up a titanium alloy shaft with a bag on the end of it. And that’s the most important thing. At least in this state it is.

In other exciting news, my Grandmother sold her house and is moving to a golf course.

About the author: Knox is a 24 year old High School Head Coach in a small area east of Baton Rouge. He played High School ball for four years, and college ball for about 1 week until he realized his collegiate priorities rested with more important things like partying and eventually trying to get his grades up. He enjoys things that most Louisiana people do – eating boiled crawfish and alligator, a cold Abita Amber, anything LSU, his dog, and his beautiful girlfriend, Audrey. Lacrosse is not listed because most Louisiana people have no idea what lacrosse is.

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