Citylax Southampton Shootout Lacrosse Tournament 2011

Caption Contest – Warhawk Lacrosse!

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Want to win a super cool T-shirt from Warhawk Lacrosse?  Well all you have to do is leave a comment the photo below and the one we deem to be the best wins!  Very simple.  Make us laugh, show off your knowledge, use big words, spell correctly, and try to use proper grammar and punctuation.  Keep it clean!  Any of those things will help your chances.  So have at it, and win a bad @$$ T-shirt from Warhawk Lacrosse!

Citylax Southampton Shootout Lacrosse Tournament 2011

Jagermeister vs. Team LAS/Warhawk

Warhawk Lacrosse Alpha Unit 79 Lax T-shirt

Sweet, right? It could be yours!

The above photo was from the Citylax Southampton Shootout.  For more coverage of the Shootout, check out what LAS to offer.


Congrats to Tim Sheehan, winner of this Caption Contest! Joe, please email your mailing address to using subject line “Warhawk Caption Contest Winner.” Nice work man!


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